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The new Brookline town history will be available in mid-2019. Order your copy now! Price: $35.00. Buy this together with Parker’s original town history for $60 total ($70 with Parker index).

“Nestled Here is not an academic work. Reading it is more like sitting on a bench in front of the village store, chatting with an avuncular old-timer, and watching the traffic go by.”

– from Dustjacket

Please print the PDF form Nestled Here Book Form and mail form and payment to:

Please bring payment to the Town Hall or mail payment to:

Brookline History Committee
P.O. Box 360
Brookline, NH 03033

Please make checks payable to Town of Brookline, New Hampshire

Nestled Here$35
Nestled Index$10
Nestled Here + Nestled Index$45
Nestled Here + Parker’s History$60
Nestled Here + Nestled Index + Parker’s History + Parker Index$80