September 9, 2020

Updated: September 29, 2020

Attendees: Susan Laub, Clarence Farrell, George Winters, Rogene and Del Porter, Vicki and Jim Pope, Bob Canada, Peter Webb

The minutes from the last meeting were deemed sufficient for our purposes and begrudgingly accepted. We did not have a treasurer’s report.

Thanks was given to Randy, Gerry and Clarence Farwell who spent hours on Labor Day with heavy equipment, continuing the process of clearing a new area for parking and access down to the town pound. Bobby was thanked for mowing the lawn. It was reported that we’ve sanded and painted 3 of the interior sides of windows in the Barnaby House. That work continues. Del and Rogene were thanked for donating multiple picture frames for our use. A temporary site for the storage shed was identified. Our website was tidied up to make it more current. The group remains eager for the town hearse to be moved downstairs. It is no small task, and the group appreciates the efforts of the BFD.

The remaining electrical work was discussed. Brian Fessenden has been exceedingly generous over the years in his donation to the BHS of work and materials. The assembled felt that Brian should be fairly paid to enable him to attend to the work that remains, including: outlets on all four walls of the barn for ease and display case lighting, lighting in the basement utility room, kitchen stove, an outlet between the basement doors or the man door with an outside outlet. It was recommended that we ask Brian and see if we can move this along.

The subject of the pungent water that our well produces was once again aired. There were multiple remedies addressed, but the conclusion was that we should proceed slowly in order to try to minimize our expense. We would like to ask a local plumber for recommendations on how to proceed. Steve Whitcomb will be contacted to see if he would offer an educated opinion to us on the subject.

The subject of expenses led to a nostalgic discussion of the revenues the bingo games produced for the BHS years ago. There was a lot of work involved, and the paperwork and trips to Concord by Marcia Farwell were recalled with gratitude. Supposedly, the work required today of a charitable beneficiary of gaming activity is less onerous. Perhaps such an activity in the future will help sustain the BHS. As with many organizations these days, we also have the companion issue of limited membership. We remain hopeful that the BHS will continue to tell the story of our town future generations of the people of Brookline.

The next meeting is October 14. Vicki Pope kindly volunteered to provide the snacks.