Porter, Delbert and Rogene

Interview date: 08-16-09 – Part 1

00:00 Current/Past Homes/Birthplace, Family History
03:35 Sibling Deaths
04:10 Steam Mill Hill House and History, Dairy – Milk Delivery 1930, Father, Town Road Agent
06:25 Farm – Dairy Cows / Hay Cutting / Milk Deliveries
08:00 Reference to Older Half Brother Milo, Lower Meadow Farm
09:00 Schooling History
10:55 Rogene and Del Meet
11:35 Rogene History – Father – 1938 Wood Removal
13:00 Hall Store
17:33 Whitcomb Store
19:04 Original North/South Road Route, 1948 Route 13 Building Began
23:00 Household Stores – Minnie Maxwell / Summer Camp
24:55 Fessenden Mill – Provided Electric and Water Systems
28:45 Del Porter Father Died 1947 – Describes Character / Sons, Daughters
32:00 Ice House Fire 1935; Del, 13 yrs old, spots fire and reports it to Grover Farwell
35:20 Swimming Near Ice House
36:10 Halloween Night Shenanigans Release – Pigs, Soap Windows
37:20 Rogene – School Picnic and Swim at Ice House
38:20 Del Played around Ice House Ramps, Del Describes Ramp System
42:26 Workers – Mess Hall and Boarding House Buildings, Big Pier / Little Pier

Interview date: 08-16-09 – Part 2

02:05 Tasker’s Turkey Farm
02:50 Ski Hill – Skis bought at Whitcomb’s Store, Old Bindings, Rope Tow, Snack Shop
08:30 Ski Hill “Parking all over” Highways Demise of Ski Hill
09:40 Old Timers
12:10 Ron Powers – Fiddling Champ, House Burns
14:22 Water System, Gravity Feed System in Burned House
17:35 Lou Ellen Townsend, PlanSocial, Security like plan
19:05 Florence Parren – Sold Religious Cards from Home
22:25 Civil War Vet – Capt. Nathaniel Gilkey and Farnsworth, Carl Clifford’s Wife’s Father
20:55 Favorite Stories –Nova Scotia Farm Story, Father, musical, but farmer talents first, Church of Christ Sexton, Del and Rogene married in 1945, Roy Ward and Loring Quimby pumped Organ
33:34 Father – Road Agent, Marries Angie Whitney
35:03 Plowing Roads with Candles in Windshield 1930/31
40:09 Father Hands over road agent to Grover Farwell
41.19 Childhood Entertainment, Baseball / Fishing, Hunting in Later Life, Buddies, Jeff Powers, Steve Homoleski, Alvin Taylor, Andy Hansen, Winston Hall Doris Kacey’s Brothers, Arthur Tasker, SemiPro Hockey, Cider Pond Skating, Ski Touring, Fred Manning – Janitor Town Hall and Schools

Interview date: 08-16-09 – Part 3

00:00 Fred Manning – Janitor Town Hall and Schools, Banquet Hall / Piano Downstairs
00:54 1938 Hurricane – Elm Trees
03:10 Chapell Corners – Huge Fire from Mass. 1929 Fire Truck
04:40 Fireman’s Ball
05:56 Peter Morgess House (corner Steam Mill Hill and MainSouth side) adjacent to Village Store. Harley Cook (Dorothy Cook) owned Home. Summer Home rented to Delaney. Connection to Brusch Hall (Mary Elizabeth Fields)
09:05 Carl Smith – Chicken Farmer. Had Epilepsy. Drove so fast he rolled truck. Flipped coin for grain
11:47 Sister Barbara Smith Never married. Egg Farmer. 1930 bought Chevy Sedan (in Sonny Farewell’s basement?)
13:57 Forrest Hall – Cancer
15:40 Peggy and Winston Hall – Son had cystic fibrosis at 16 years old – other son 3 yrs, Daughter Valerie
16:30 Laurel Picking, Juniper, Cedar, Hemlock with Searles and Bents
23:11 Arthur Goss (Painters House)
24:30 Oyster Stew Suppers at church by George Davis 25 cents
26:20 Mr. Gilson – worked for Grover Farwell
28:21 Milford St. Grammer School Building – 19388 grade graduates: Del Porter, Florence Soucy, Grover Farwell, Doris Kelly, Helen Kelly, Dudley Lawrence, Phillis Richards, Florence (Jensen) Borgess
33:36 Florence Soucy house owned by Wilford and Alvina Soucy
37:07 Del kills dog
38:25 Bill Hughes Monument business (junk business on the side)
41:10 Austin family (Jim –Leo) Betters Construction Business, Nashua Sand and Gravel, Ellsworth Austin, Roland Austin – Sargent Rd. Fountain Family relatives
42:50 Rabbit Hunting
44:42 Visnaskis – Dude Ranch (Stone Fence Inn) Bill Quigley Sr. arrives in town.

Interview date: 08-16-09 – Part 4