May 10th, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

Folks present included Chris Corey, Gina Bent, Jim and Vicki Pope, David Fessenden, George
Winters, Bob Canada, Eric DiVirgilio and Joseph Sawyer.

Last month’s minutes were approved without change. Our Treasurer’s report revealed that expenses for the month were $158.85 (phone and electricity) and the State of NH filing fee of $75. We received a total of $791.82 in receipts, including $160 from cribbage, $40 membership, a pledge of $200 and $384 from the recent barn sale. The report was accepted.

Mark Fountain is working on his preparations for the artwork on the wall behind the cannon.
He has estimated that the project’s cost will be $1,500. The recent barn sale proceeds of will be used towards the cost, and we still are in need of raising another $400 in contributions and are hopeful that more donors will be able to help out so we can reach our goal.

The 2024 calendars are drafted and in need of 12 sponsorships prior to print. Any sponsor who donates $100 will receive their advertisement on one month’s calendar page while supporting the BHS. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at

We offer our gratitude to Gina Bent who has added the flowers to all of the front window boxes. We must thank the work crew (Jim, Peter, Bobby, Mark, David Jokie and Dave Fessenden) whom mounted the RR Station sign up on the wall over the kitchen – It really does look magnificent! This same crew washed all of the upper windows in the barn, and we could finally see again with the light shining through once again.

Joseph had waited patiently for the official business to conclude and was given the floor. He was very interested in the formation of Brookline, its boundaries and their formation, and a general history of Brookline. We spent time answering his questions as best we could, pointing him to the two town history books and their respective indices, discussed all of the wonderful research available on our website. We discussed Brookline’s history long into the night. We welcome him back anytime!

The next meeting is June 14th at 7pm.
Eric will bring refreshments.
Meeting adjourned 7:53pm