June 9th, 2021

At this meeting we had the pleasure of the company of Clarence and Marcia Farwell, Gina Bent, Eric DiVirgilio, Bob Canada, Peter Webb, Del Porter and David Fessenden. Such a collection of local history devotees pays humble homage to our 252 years of predecessors. The open invitation to all members of the public continues: second Wednesday every month, 7:30 PM at 17 Meetinghouse Hill Road. The minutes were approved and the treasurer’s report was accepted in short order. A most generous $1,000.00 donation from the Brookline Lions’ Club was gratefully received by our treasurer.

The presence of a fine seated and pedal-operated grindstone, thanks to John Weidman, was noted. The shed roof in back off the barn proceeds. Eric Jensen’s tractor permitted the further excavation of the granite foundation of the former town jail. He is entertaining the idea of old cut granite steps up the slope on the backside of the barn, an exciting prospect. David urged the setup of a continuous loop video display in the barn. The concept was welcomed. Eric and David appear to have locked in our propane cost at a reduced price per gallon with Rymes. (1,500 gallons @$1.759}. Thank you.

Jim announced that the requisite state permission for a 4th of July parade has been received. That word has been enthusiastically welcomed. It will be the parade only. Creative and diligent minds of the BHS will put together something for the parade to remind the viewers know that the organization is alive and thriving. Gina was thanked for her beautiful touches in our window boxes. A broken back barn window was left with Portland glass for replacement. The cost is $140 and the new window is expected in the next few weeks. Our skilled work party will see to its installation. A good portion of the Christmas tree racks has been moved to the shed for storage, in anticipation of the rumored move of the town hearse to the garage bay.

Gina noted that the metal roofing over the barn portico has pulled away from the outside barn wall and needs to be repaired. The work party took note of the need for their services. Further, she asked about plans for the long-discussed parking area on the west side of the property between the town pound and the street. Mr. Farwell being present, he and she went into executive session. At the conclusion of that meeting, Gina explained that she, in partnership with Clarence, will explore site work and fill for the project.

Enterprising Eric DiVirgilio presented the prototype of a very professional calendar with historical photos and text. The group was delighted and supported the idea of finalizing the work and selling them as a fund-raiser in the later months of the year. The consensus was that we should be able to sell 200 and that the price should be $20.00. All proceeds to support the BHS. There will be a meeting on Wednesday, 6/16, at 6 PM at the BHS, on the project. The agenda will include consideration of potential advertisers. All are welcome to help. Advertisers are cautioned to sign up soon as there appear to be only 12 months in a calendar.

Discussion regarding the fact that the continued existence of the BHS will require that it be able to meet its modest expenses lead to the subject of charitable gaming. New Hampshire law permits certain gambling activities only if a charitable organization is a beneficiary. Years ago the BHS was involved as such in the bingo games held at the former ski lodge. The experience was very profitable. Apparently the labor required today by the law today of the charitable beneficiary is much less. This is a primary funding source for the Brookline Lions’ Club. It was reported that there are some new opportunities for charitable organizations to become participants. Webb was instructed to contact the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission to see what opportunity might exist for the BHS.

Webb spoke briefly on our need for a formal membership program. While time didn’t permit detail, the thoughts were that annual rates should be adjusted, incentive discounts for programs/concerts should be available, a newsletter for members only should be created. Articles and photographs would be necessary.

The growling of someone’s stomach was taken a a motion to adjourn. That motion was seconded and approved.

The next meeting is 7/14. David and Amy will be providing the snacks.