June 8th, 2022

Honestly, attendance was anemic (Peter Cook, David Fessenden, Bob Canada, Eric DiVirgilio, Gina Bent and Peter Webb). Presumably there was something else more interesting going on to which the above were not invited.

However, on the bright side, it provided our small group with an opportunity to begin the meeting by role-playing polarized opinion holders. One group took on the title of the Bunchers. The other group styled themselves the Folders. Each side was instructed to not just disagree with the other, but to demonize the other for threatening the very fabric of civilized society. After a brief period during which each side strained mightily to make dirty faces at the other, the exercise dissolved into laughter and was deemed not suitable for mature adults.

We moved on to last month’s minutes. As usual, they were approved with resigned sighs and rolled eyes. The lower lip of the Taker of Minutes was seen to quiver, but he maintained his composure this month. The Treasurer’s report was gratefully accepted. The numbers were noted not to be going in the preferred direction. This was despite the $3,700.00 in profit generated by the sales of the 2022 calendars created by Eric. Thank you, Eric. He’s already working on the 2023 calendar and provided us with a draft for review. We will now go about asking local businesses if they want to appear in the calendar as a sponsor. One sponsor is prominently displayed on each month’s page. Last year we had more interested businesses than the 12 months in the year. The sponsor cost is $100.00. About 200 calendars will be sold. The calendars will be sold to the public for $20.00 each. Contact us at info@brooklinehistory.org to be a calendar sponsor. Thank you.

Speaking of exposure, we continue to sell engraved bricks for the walkway to the BHS. Five more are going in soon. Over one hundred supporters have wisely purchased relative immortality at $50 per individual and $250.00 per commercial interest. Memorialize your hour upon the stage, a departed loved one, a cherished moment or a beloved someone. Just go to brooklinehistory.org and click on the “brick order form” for information. The website also has a “membership” link for those eager to support the cause and to pad their resume.

Jim Pope is working on a larger scale model of the former Brookline meetinghouse, lost to fire in 1915, for a 4th of July parade float. The assistance of aspiring artists and interested dabblers is welcome. The work will resume each Wednesday morning from 9 to 12 at the BHS.

We received an inquiry about the age of the home at 7 Bond Street, currently being restored by Brian Wilson. Input would be appreciated, but it would appear to have been built sometime from about 1895 (after the opening of the Brookline railroad) to about 1920. We are pleased to have the historic building revitalized.

We were all relieved to hear that Amy Fessenden is on the mend. She has our best wishes for a quick recovery.

Eric cinched us a deal with Rymes for propane at $2.09 per gallon. A welcome dump-load of loam appeared at the edge of the new parking lot. We’re not sure of its source, although we have our suspicions. but we are grateful. We’ll put the Wednesday morning codgers to work with little shovels to spread it. Gina Bent has once again seen to adorning our window boxes with colorful flowering plants. What a difference they make! Thanks, Gina.

Mammalian scat of a diminutive type was reportedly detected on the premises. Whether mouse or bat or chipmunk is a warmly contested matter, but stern measures are being taken. Thank you to the brave souls willing to do battle.

The next occasion for proud Brookliners, lovers of local history and the simply curious to gather will be Wednesday, July 13 at 7 PM, at the BHS’s Barnaby House at 17 Meetinghouse Hill Road. David Fessenden have kindly volunteered to provide the snacks.