July 8, 2020

In attendance were Bob Canada, George Winters, Jack Fallon, Gina Bent, Vicki and Jim Pope, Peter Webb, David Fessenden, Marcia and Clarence Farwell

The minutes from the last meeting, February, were approved. Treasurer Chris Corey’s report gratefully accepted.

An offer to participate in a Freedom’s Way grant program was declined. It was noted the new indexes for the new town history are available at town hall for purchase. The interior trimming of the barn windows has been completed. The much-needed re-roofing of the house roof will be done tomorrow by Adam Vaillancourt Roofing. The cost is $10,599.00.

It was decided not to resume open houses at this time. Work on the old kitchen’s bump out proceeds. Prospective projects include an outdoor shed, rehabbing interior house windows, exterior kitchen steps, sealing the bottom of the outside overhang above the foundation of the house. A busy groundhog’s presence was noted and various remedial measures are being considered, none of which will please the groundhog.

There was discussion regarding Amy Fessenden’s wonderful work on indexing the archive folios. George Winters offered to look into putting the indexes on our website. The group is in support of encouraging along the moving of the town hearse to the basement. It was noted the electrical hookup of the stove remains to be done, and should be attended to.

Christmas tree sales were discussed. Prices will need to be adjusted for increased costs. Last year we sold 110 trees. We should try to not be given trees that are too large. Last year the trees cost us about $2,500 and we grossed about $3,500. We decided to go ahead with our order for this year of the same number of trees. Sidewalk bricks need to be pushed. A letter from the high school thanking us for the annual Brookline Historical Society book award for a Brookline Senior with exceptional interest in local history was read.

Jim Pope encouraged us to consider creating video recordings for inclusion on YouTube. The Hollis Historical Society has a program we could model. It was urged that we consider presentations to generate a wider public involvement In the BHS, and to try to get the schools involved, ideally projects for which students could get academic credit. Jack Fallon kindly offered to see what he could to that end. Gina Bent was thanked for her work and expense to provide the BHS with beautiful window box plantings.

Out next meeting will be 8/12 at 7 PM. Gina offered to take care of snacks.