Joseph A. Hall

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JOSEPH A HALL. one of the most prominent businessmen of Brookline and an ex-member of the New Hampshire legislature, was born in this town, October 18, 1828, son of Joseph and Abiah (Shattuck) Hall. The great-grandfather, William Hall (first), who came from Massachusetts, was among the early settlers of the town. He was the father of seven children, of whom William Hall (second) was the eldest. Grandfather Hall was one of the able farmers of his day, and was prominent in political and religious affairs. Of his twelve children two are living, namely: Elizabeth F. , born October 6, 1813; and Pliny J. , born October 8, 1818. Elizabeth F. is now the widow of Jeremiah Baldwin, late of Hancock, N.H., and has one daughter living, Lizzie J. Baldwin. Pliny J. is the widow of Henry K. Kemp, and has two sons — Henry W. and William.

Joseph Hall was born in Brookline, March 12, 1795. He earned the cooper’s trade, but his principal occupation was farming, which he followed industriously and with success on the family homestead. In politics he was a Republican. His activity in affairs extended over a long period, during which he served as a Selectman and in other town offices. His wife, Abiah, who was a daughter of Jonathan Shattuck, of Pepperell, Mass., became the mother of six children, of whom Joseph A., Catherine E., and Charles P. are living. Catherine E married for her first husband John A. Gutterson, Of Milford, who was the father of her son, Henry A. She is now the wife of Joseph A. Hovey and has two children —George M. and Martha E. Mr. Hovey died July 6, 1897. Charles P. Hall married Anna Green, of Brookline, and has one son, Frank D. Joseph Hall Iived to be eighty-seven years old, and his wife died at seventy-seven. They were both members of the Congregational church, of which he was the sexton for many years.

Joseph A. Hall was educated in the schools of this town. At first he engaged in the butchering business, which he followed steadily for seven years. Then he turned his attention to other pursuits, still continuing to carry on the former business to some extent. For eighteen years he was a member Of the firm Of J. A. Hall & Brother, but he is now carrying on the business alone. Beginning about thirty years ago, he has been profitably engaged in manufacturing barrels and handling all kinds of building material. He owns about two thousand acres of land in Hillsboro and the adjoining counties. In politics he is a Republican; and, besides serving the town in some of its important offices, he represented it with marked ability in the legislature during the years 1867 and 1868.

On July 1, 1851, Mr. Hall, was joined in marriage with Mada M. Foster, daughter of Abel Foster, of Brookline. Of his four children three are living, namely: Henry A., born August 21, 1857; Alpha A., born April 1859; and Winnie M., born April 20, 1861. Henry A. married Belle C. Hobart, of Brookline, and has one daughter, Blanche W. Winnie M. is the wife Of Horace H. Nye, of Keene, and has two children — Ralph H. and Mada. Alpha A. Hall was elected Town Clerk at the age of twenty-two years, and served three terms. He was a member of the Board of Selectmen for three years, and in he was again elected Town Clerk, in which office he is now ably serving the community. In 1894 he was elected a member of the legislature for two years. He is widely and favorably known as a business man and as Justice of the Peace. He married for his first wife Nellie Fletcher, of Hollis, N.H. The maiden name of his present wife, who is a native of this town, was Della R. Peacock. They have three children— Fred A., Harry M., and Forace R. Mr. Joseph A. Hall is connected with the Order of the Golden Cross and with the grange in Brookline. He is an active member of the Congregational church. Besides serving the church as sexton, a position so long occupied by his father, he has been the superintendent of the Sunday-school for the past twelve years, in the course of which he has been absent but four Sundays.