Biographical Review

Biographical Review of Hillsborough County – 1885

Index to Brookline Residents – Scanned to preserve what is left of the original book binding.

Albert M. Philbrick

ALBERT M. PHILBRICK, a representative citizen of Amherst and a well-known hotel man, was born in this State, August 15, 1846. His parents were Joseph and Clarinda (Fuller) Philbrick. His mother, now ninety-one years old, is living at Amherst.

Bertell L. Talbot, M.D.

BERTELL L. TALBOT, M.D., a rising young physician of Peterboro, Hillsboro County, was born in Milford, N. H. , April 5, 1872, son Of Leroy L. and Eliza A. (Dutton) Talbot.

Calvin Merrill

CALVIN MERRILL, a well-known resident of Milford and the representative of the third generation of the Merrills in this town, was born on the Merrill homestead, January 13, 1827, son of Asa and Fannie (Steele) Merrill.

Charles Boynton Goodwin

CHARLES BOYNTON GOODWIN, one of the most influential men of Mason, was born in Brookline, N.H., January 17, 1851, son of the late Rev. Daniel Goodwin and his wife, Martha (Boynton) Goodwin. He traces his descent back through four or five generations.

Charles F. Melendy

CHARLES F. MELENDY, a well-known farmer and manufacturer of the town of Temple, N.H., Hillsboro County, is a native of Brookline, this State, where he was born December 31, 1844, son of Thomas and Mary (Badger) Melendy. Thomas Melendy, his father, also a native of Brookline, was a lumberman and farmer by occupation, and was an industrious and worthy citizen.

Daniel T. Buttrick

DANIEL T. BUTTRICK, who is identified with the mercantile interests of Hillsboro County as a lumber dealer, having his residence in the town of Milford, was born November 1831, in Londonderry, Rockingham 15, County, son of Nathan Buttrick.

Daniel W. Burns

DANIEL W. BURNS, a successful contractor and builder of Milford, was born here, December 18, 1835, son of John and Susan (Daniels) Burns. The father, familiarly known as Dr. John, was a son Of Daniel Burns, and a lifelong resident of Milford.

Eli S. Cleveland

ELIS Cleveland, one of the representative men of Brookline, Hillsboro County, N.H., was born in this town, December 22, 1827. His parents were John and Susannah (Torrance) Cleveland, well-known residents of Brookline in their day; and his father was a native of Franklin, Mass.

George E. Farley

GEORGE E. FARLEY, of Amherst, one of the enterprising agriculturists of Hillsboro County, was born February 6, 1849, in Hollis, N.H., a son of Enoch Farley, and a descendant of a pioneer settler of that place. His grandfather, Enoch Farley, Sr., a lifelong resident of Hollis, was well known and respected in the district.

Henry H. Livermor

HENRY H. LIVERMORE, an enterprising lumber manufacturer of Wilton, was born in this town, February 8, 1848, son of Jonathan and Dorcas (Holt) Livermore.

J Payson Burge

J PAYSON BURGE who owns and occupies the old Burge homestead in Brookline, Hillsboro County, was born in this town, November 5, 1844, son of John and Philomela (Bennett) Burge. David Burge, his grandfather, who was born July 16, 1761, was an industrious farmer of Hollis.

Joseph A. Hall

JOSEPH A HALL. one of the most prominent businessmen of Brookline and an ex-member of the New Hampshire legislature, was born in this town, October 18, 1828, son of Joseph and Abiah (Shattuck) Hall.

Joseph H. Tarbell

JOSEPH H. Tarbell. a prominent farmer of Mont Vernon, Hillsboro County, N. H.,  was born in Exeter, Rockingham County, August 25, 1822, and is now in his seventy-sixth year. His parents were William and Lydia (Spaulding) Tarbell.

Levi Franklin Lowell

LEVI FRANKLIN LOWELL, general manager for the firm of Fessenden & Lowell, Merrimac, was born January 6, 1839, in Rindge, N.H., son of Nathaniel and Phidelia (Fisher) Lowell, of that town.

Luther A. Blood

LUTHER A. BLOOD, a native and prominent resident of Mason, was son of born October 23 1831, Calvin and Inda (Blood) Blood, both of the same place. Amaziah Blood, the grandfather of Luther, was a farmer and a resident of Groton, Mass. His wife, whose maiden name was Hannah Green, had two children, neither of whom is now living.

Marcellus J. Powers

MARCELLUS J. POWERS, a well known business man of Hillsboro County, was born in the town of Hollis, where he now resides, August 5, 1853

Raymond J. Pierce

RAYMOND J. PIERCE was a highly esteemed resident of Brookline. Born in Lyndeboro, N. H., July 21, 1833, he was a son of James and Lucy (Wheeler) Pierce.