Index Volume 5

MediumDate People PlacesActivities
5-01Invitation3/9/1897Tarbell's HallDance at Tarbell's Hall
5-01Flyer7/4/1888Tucker's HallEvening of Entertainmentby Potanipo Lodge No. 17
5-01Miss Bertha L. Coburn,O.B.Tucker's HallReadings
5-01Mabel Tucker,Mrs. H. W Seaver Miss Florence Hobart,Miss Grace E. Hall, Miss Fannie M. Cox, Miss Flora M. Barnes, Miss Gertie L. Hall, Miss Lula E. HallTucker's HallFarce "The Champion of Her Sex"President F. D. Sargent, Vice President George E. Stiles
5-01Flyer8/4/1920Daniel's Academy buildingColonial Fairby Loyal Workers of the M.E. Church Society
5-01Blance Hall & Lenora BradleyDaniel's Academy buildingReadings
5-01Mrs. John FergusonDaniel's Academy buildingMusic
5-01Flyer2/25/?George Nye, James O'Keefe, Alfred S. Barnaby, Lewis eople, Mrs. James O'Keefe, Mabel J. PoppleTarbell's Hall"Once Upon A Time" 2-Act DramaBenefit M.E Church
5-02Flyer8/23/1921Daniel's Academy buildingAnnual Apron Fair
5-02Flyer8/27/1929David Fessenden, Forance Hall, Harold Beaubien, Mrs. Edna Hall, Mrs. Blance Taylor, Miss Mildred Bailey, Mrs. Foance HallDaniel's Academy building"A Little Clodhopper" 3-Act Comedy/DramaLadies AidFair
5-02Flyer8/27/1901Tarbell's HallApron Fair and Mock Town Meeting
5-03Program8/24/1909Mrs. Clara Russell, Mrs. Blanche, Mrs. Ela W. Tucker, Mrs. Grace B. Dodge, Mrs. May L. Hadley, Mrs. Hattie F. Pierce, Mrs. Bertha M. Brown, Mrs. Della R. Hall, Mrs. Lottie B. Rockwood, Mrs. Emma Valedge, Mrs. Helen M. HallTarbell's Hall"2-Act Comedy "SunbonnetsLadies Aid Society
5-03Flyer3/26/1915George M. Rockwood, Forance Hall, D. Wallace Jenness, Fred Rockwood, Mabel J. Popple, Blanche W. Hall, Mrs. Mable Perkins, Mrs. Hattie Pierce, Mrs. Minnie MaxwellDaniel's Academy building4-Act Drama "Home Ties"
5-03Program11/2/1915Mrs. Whitcomb, Mr. Powers, Messrs Stickney, Brown, Porter, Jeness, Messes Grace and Alice Whitcomb, Lenora Bradley, Mrs. G.H. Brackett, Mrs. Mary BarberDaniel's Academy buildingFair and MusicalLadies of the M. E. Church
5-04Program12/5/?Alfred S, Barnaby, James Seaver, Chester Barnaby, Fred Hall, James Gilson, George Nye, Wallace Jenness, Blanche Hall Mrs. Hattie Pierce, Jessie Seaver, Lelia BarnabyTarbell's Hall"Brother Josiah"Young people of the Methodis Church
5-04Flyer9/2/1884Miss Emma Swett,Miss Fannie Cox, MissMabel Tucker, Miss Florance Hobart,Miss Grace Hall,Miss Effa Pierce,Miss Alic Pierece"No Cure, No Pay"Union HallFair & Entertainment
5-04Program7/4/1889List of activities for the day
5-04Notice9/1/1984Congregational ChurchService time change
5-05Flyer9/7/1894Mabell S Tucker, Mrs. HattieF. Pierce, Viola Stanley, Mrs. Anna F. Kemp, Myrtie L. Shattuck, Mrs. N. J. Daniels, Emily M. Pererson, Mabel L. Hodgman, Mamie E. Rockwood, Mrs. Villa M. Daniels, Annie E. Brown, Gertrude L. Hall, Della B. Kemp, Mrs. Ella W. Tucker, Mabel E. Barrett, Mrs. Fannie E. HallTarbell's Hall"The Chronothanatoletron"Presented in connectionwith Home Workers; Annual Apron Fair
5-05Program8/18/1888Proclamation for Picnic Day
5-05FlyerJan 19-20 1950Ann Tasker, Merilyn Corey,Shirley Ingraham, Buster Fessenden, Eleanor Fessenden,Howard Beaubien,Jacquline Beaubien,Stanley Reynolds, Dorothy Austin,Loring Quimby, Margie ReynoldsTown Hall"My Dear Relatives"Brookline Methodist Youth Fellowship
5-05TicketJan 19-20 1950Town Hall"My Dear Relatives"
5-06Program8/7/1914Daniel's Academy buildingBrookline Library Benefitmusic, readings, performances
5-06Program8/22/?Ye Public HallA Great Singing Meeting
5-07Birth Certificate10/2/1848Eliza Jane Gould
5-07Probate Petition3/28/1893for Harriet B. ShattackProbate Certificate
5-08Probate petition8/22/1899for William G. Shattuckby Warren D. Shattuck and Harry G. Shattuck
5-08Milford Cabinet1914Milford Graduating Class
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
3/14/1864Joseph C. ShattuckVolunteer Enlistment Papers
5-10PapersMarch 1864Joseph C. ShattuckMuster for March 1864
5-11PapersMar,July 1864Joseph C. ShattuckMuster
5-12PapersvariousJoseph C. ShattuckMisc Military Papers
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
no dateHazel Goss, baby
5-13Photono dateCressida Gilmore & Hazel Davis
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
10/14/1928Arthur Goss, Hazel Goss Davis,George Davis, Dog - M Jones
Jack Fallon - Probably Nashua Telegraph
no dateHazel Goss Davis, Geo Davis
Jack Fallon - New Hampshire Sunday News
no dateGeo Davis, Myron Gilmore
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
3/11/1930Hazel DavisApptmt to Ballot Inspector
5-14Probate Petition5/16/1899for William G. Shattuck
5-15Probate Petition3/29/1900for William G. Shattuck
5-16Probate Petition
Jack Fallon - Likely Nashua Telegraph
3/11/1903for William G. Shattuck
5-17Probate Petition8/23/1892for William G. Shattuck
5-18Document4/26/1892for William G. ShattuckApprl & Inventory of Estate
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
year 1910Pamona Grange No. 1Mtgs & Apptments for Year 1910
5-18Visitor' Pass
Jack Fallon - Likely the Milford Cabinet
3/29/1910Visitor Pass to Senate
5-18Report10/30/1915Hazel GossNashua Business Collegemonthly report
5-19Photono dateGeo White, Wallace C. Murdough, Geo J. Tibbtts, Geo LaBobta, Chas. R. Farwell, Geo. R. Talbut, Dolphis Chaue, James E. Allard, Harry A. Richardson, James R. Chandler, Jerome A. Melvin, Geo. Davisunknown location
5-19Announcement20-Mar-20Mrs. George DavisWedding Announcement
5-20Newspaper12/7/1892Tucker's HallAnnual FestivalLadies of Congregational Church
5-20Newspaper9/16/1817Abram Swallow BetterlyObituary
5-20Newspaper12/23/1904Miss Cora Cleveland & Rev. W.T. BoultenhouseWedding Announcement
5-21Poll Tax Bill11/23/1923to George Davis
5-21Newspaper1881Rev. G. L. ToddResolution of Departurefrom Brookline Congregational Church
5-21Newspaper12/23/1898Mary E. JeffreyBrookline Newsincluding death of Mary E. Jeffrey
5-21Photo8/23/1905Potanipo Pond
5-21Newspaper1/4/1912Brookline Xmas gatherings
5-21Newspaper4/16/1913from Orville D. FessendenPetition to supply Brookline for lights
5-22Newspaper1/10/1934Various townpeopleBrookline Grange No. 211Officers
5-22Newspaper1/9/1935Various townpeopleBrookline Grange No. 211Officers
5-22Newspaper7/8/1939Various townpeopleMilford High Class ReunionClass of 1914 25th Reunion
5-22Newspaper6/4/?Hazel Goss, Forace Hall, Harry CoreyGrammar Brookline Graduation
5-23Newspaperno dateCharles O. BatchelderObituary
5-23Newspaperno dateArthur A. GossObituary
5-23Newspaperno dateArthur A. GossObituary
5-23Newspaper5/8/1919Dr. D. S. DearbornObituary
5-23Newspaper1/13/1949Mrs. Arthur Gossrecovering fractured leg
5-23Newspaper1949Mrs. Arthur Gossrecovering fractured leg
5-23Petition3/4/1906from Caroline A. Shattuckto sell inherited property
5-23Petition3/4/1906from Caroline A. Shattuckto sell inherited property
5-23Newspaper1920Hazel Goss & Geo. DavisEngagement announcement
5-24St Tax Form1904
5-24Receipt5/10/1919Carrie ShattuckPurchased gds A. A. Hall
5-24Newspaperbefore 1943New Fire Truck
5-24Newspaper6/26/1904 ?Cora Cleveland & Rev. W. T. BoutenhouseWedding Announcement
5-25Newspaperno dateAnne Tasker & Clarenc CoreyWedding Announcement
5-25Newspaperno dateGayle Holton & Bob WoodmanMarried in a Plane
5-25Newspaperno dateHobart sisters Wedding AnniversaryDouble Golden
5-26Newspaper1/9/1963Gale Taylor, MasterGrange Memorial ServiceGale Taylor, Master of Bline Grange, took part
5-26Newspaper1/10/1963Mutual Aid District Organizes
5-26Newspaper4/17/1964Judith CunninghamMain St Nashua crash
5-26Newspaper10/6/1964Daniel's Academy buildingFall All-Breeders Show
5-26Newspaper11/21/1964Mrs. Joseph Homoleski75th Bday Celebration
5-26Newspaper11/24/1964Fire DeptNew Flood Lights
5-26Newspaper12/4/1964Robert Hayden Jr.Brookline 4-H winner
5-26Newspaper7/28/1965BrooklineFire damages homeformerly Douglas Petry's home
5-26Newspaper4/2/1969Fire Dept burns shell in Blineformerly Douglas Petry's home
5-26Newspaper7/8/1966Mr. & Mrs. Nason Fessenden35th Anniversay party
5-26Newspaper12/25/1966Sarah Dubbenchosen to attend Phillipine classes
5-27Newspaperno dateMiss Emma WeinburgObituary
5-27Newspaper9/3/1975Mrs. Majory DurrellObituary
5-27Newspaper5/16/1958Mrs. Jennie GossDeath notice
5-27Newspaper8/26/1975Arvo C. BeddersObituary
5-27Newspaperno dateMrs. Anna L. BarnabyObituary
5-27Newspaper6/13/?Carolyn J. Tasker & Charles D. JepsonGraduates of Keene State
5-27Newspaper11/29/?Daniel's Academy buildingEmergency Hospitalarrived and will be stored at Daniel's Academy
5-28Newspaper3/31/1972Marine Pfc.Michael T. NearyCamp Pendleton, CAgraduated Food Service School
5-28Newspaper3/1/1972Marine Sgt Glen R. BrownWashington,D.C.reports for duty
5-28Newspaper4/4/1973Theodore Russell, Jr.Apptmt to West Point
5-28Newspaper6/7/1972Linda J. DyerAccepted into Nursing school
5-28Newspaper11/26/1973Chief Erwin CoreyWarning to residentswarns not to install certain space heaters
5-28Newspaper2/7/1973Photo of old RR crossing
5-28Newspaper11/6/1975Pot hunters of Lake Potanipo
5-29Newspaper4/21/1975Dawson SpanoCollege aceptanceFlorida Institute of Technology
5-29Newspaper4/24/1975Deborah MabenCollege AcceptanceLesley College
5-29Newspaper6/8/1976Pamela J. ShattuckCollege AcceptanceGranite St Bauty School
5-29Newspaper1/18/1976Webster E. Bridges IIIEnlistd in US Marine Corps
5-29Newspaper10/30/1980Photo of geese marching
5-29Newspaper4/22/1981Lighthouse Lake Potanipo
5-29Newspaper5/5/2006Raymond E. KecyObituary
5-30Telegraph1/23/1981BrooklineDeer killed by dogs
5-31Deed3/?/1910from Orville D. Fessenden, Isabelle Fessenden,Clarence R. Russell,Clara E. Russell, Samuel Swett, Ellen Swett, Walter E. Corey & Helen B. CoreyPresenting land to town for Milford St. park
5-32Milford Cabinet10/18/1956Mrs. William Durrell2 Gallon blood donor award
5-32Paperno dateThe Steeple Story
MediumDate People PlacesActivities