Index Volume 4

MediumDate People PlacesActivities
4-02BookletInfant Jesus of Praguehistory of church
4-02NewspaperBrookline Librarysearch for owner of former Congregatl Church
4-03Bline Beacon10/1/1938Hurricane
4-05M. Cabinet7/25/19741st day RR came to blineposter of original program returned to Bline
4-05newspaper6/26/1975George MortellTori Motell Antique Shopshot during robbery
4-05newspaperchildBeehive canal & Masonchild starts fire
4-06newspaper2/21/1980M.A. MarshallBline Station Restaurantpurchase of restaurant
4-06Telegraph9/8/1978Photo antique fire truck
4-06newspaperRR Snack Bar
4-07newspaper12/17/1980Arthur Bentwreath making
4-07Newspaper1/13/1969School Board budget proposal
4-07Photo10/6/1978First Responders1st Anniversary of 1st Responders
4-08Boston Post1903Mr. & Mrs. Asa Seaver
4-08NH Sun News8/22/1971Brookline Air Force
4-09Newspaper6/23/1923Edward Everett Parkerdeath
4-10Newspaper6/10/1980Steeple rises in Brookline
4-10Newspaper1941Mr. & Mrs. Sidney HallFranklin Sq. House Boston,MA59th Anniversary
4-10Newspaper6/2/1967Eddie WhicombBrush fire above sand pitsRoute 13
4-11Program11/10/1990War Memorial DedicationVietnam and Korean Was
4-11Program12/7/19863rd Annual Tree Lighting
4-11Newspaper11/3/1977Infant Jesus of PragueServing Brookline for 30 yrs
4-12Newspaper1/18/1979Mary Clare & James Ryan6 Bloodhounds
4-12-1Newspaperno dateGeorge C. Farwell, Sr.Obit
4-13Townsend Times
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
3/16/1944Town Meeting Resultsvarious articles including Military assignments
4-14Telegraph8/26/1969James AustinPhoto with 9' tomato plant
4-14Newspaper?Forace R. Hall, town clerkobituary
4-14Program10/10/1909Brookline Meth Episc Church15th Aniversary
4-15Union Leader
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
7/7/1968Florence Barnaby
4-16Union Leader
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
8/26/1969Florence Barnabyeditorial
Jack Fallon - Probably Nashua Telegraph
Brookline Historical SocietyHouse Tour
Jack Fallon - New Hampshire Sunday News
7/19/1990Brookline Historical Societymoving the building
4-18Telegraph9/27/1989Newcomers to Brookline
4-19Union Leader3/29/2013Joe KingBrookline Historical SocietyIce House artifacts
4-20Telegraph9/27/1987Population Growth in Bline
4-21Telegraph9/27/1987Population Growth in BlineContinuation of article on Page 20
Jack Fallon - Likely Nashua Telegraph
2/5/1985Jack & Barbara PolidoroTrain DepotResidents of Depot
4-23Telegraph2/5/1985Jack & Barbara PolidoroTrain DepotResidents of DepotContinuation of article on Page22
4-24Telegraph12/7/1967Brookline ElementarySchool Addition
4-25Pepperill Ad
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
9/10/1892Bline/Pepperill RR Opens2 copies
4-26MA Review
Jack Fallon - Likely the Milford Cabinet
9/22/1971Florence Barnaby
4-27Telegraph9/22/1971Florence BarnabyContinuation of article on Page 26
4-28Telegraph12/28/1992Pat Burke, Willard CummingsFresh Pond Ice Co.
4-29NH News22-Aug-71Margary Soper & George WrightBrookline Air Force
4-30Telegraph26-Oct-85Overturned truck Rte 130
4-31Bline Beacon9/3/1927Old Home Week
4-32Telegraph6/10/1980Church of ChristSteeple returned
4-32Telegraph6/10/1980Warren WelchTown HallContract award to Welchbackside of steeple article
4-32Booklet1976BrooklineScenic Road
4-33Document1962,'65,'67Brookline Property Eval
4-34Document1965,'67,'68Brookline Property Eval
4-35Paperno dateJodi TochkoThe Village Community Ctr
4-35Plat1971Proposed Town Park
4-36Document2/21/1966Warrant Articles
4-37PhotoJames Harvey Hall
4-37Book pageJames Harvey HallHistory of Hillsborough County New Hampshire
4-38PhotoAlonzo Stewart Wallace
4-38Book pageAlonzo Stewart WallaceHistory of Hillsborough County New Hampshire
4-39PhotoPereley Leonidas Pierce
4-39Book pagePereley Leonidas PierceHistory of The Town of Brookline
4-40Letter5/19/1913O.D. Fessendenre stavesfrom Nantucket Cranberry Co. Boston, MA
4-40Letter10/21/1932O.D FessendenRepublican State Committee of NH
4-41Letter10/20/1890Mr. Fessendenfrom Charles A. Cooke
4-41Deed5/5/1876to Aaron Fessendenfrom Orville Fessenden
4-42Letter1/15/1913to O. D. FssendenGrainery lease extensionfrom Brookline Granite Co. Milford, NH
4-42Envelopeno dateSilver Pink Graniteform Brookline Granite Co. Milford,NH
4-42War Ration Bkno dateWalter Fessenden
4-43Petition6/15/1851widening of roadb/w house of Warren & Job Shattuck to schoolhouse near Artemus Wright
4-43receiptno datefrom O.D. Fessenden Cooperage & lumber
4-43tax bill7/1/1876to Amos Fessendenfrom Town of Townsend, MA
4-44Invoiceno dateto David S. Fessendenfrom Samual Swett, dealer of dry goods, etc.
4-44Invoice2/15/1894to David S. Fessendenfrom Liniville M. Shattuck, Dr. Blacksmith
4-44Invoice6/16/1900to David S. Fessendenfrom Samual Swett, dealer of dry goods, etc.
4-44Document3/30/1889the late Amos W. PierceProperty appraisal
4-45Document4/22/1890Notice of hearing
4-45Invoiceto J. H. Hallfor lumberfrom John Bohanan & Waldo B. Parker
4-45Document12/26/1873George W. Peabody estateInventory of EstateState of NH
4-46Pledge Cardno dateVillage Community Ctr Fund
4-46Stock Share7/30/1896Henry G. ShattuckBrookline Improvement Co.
4-46tax bill receipt5/1/1891E. J. NoyesHighway tax
4-46tax bill receipt5/1/1889E. J. Noyesst. county, town school
4-47InvoiceJan 1873to Benjamin Wallobyfrom D. S. Fessenden Cooperage & Lumber
4-47Invoice2/16/1888Lorenzo Elliottfrom D. S. Fessenden Cooperage & Lumber
4-47InvoiceDec 1881to Messrs Hobart & Glendallfrom D. S. Fessenden Cooperage & Lumber
4-4711/12/1932Wage reductionFrom O. D. Fessenden Co., Inc
4-48Memo3/4/1939Forace R. Hall,
town clerk,
Selectmen Nason W. Fessenden,
Chief of Police: Chester A. Barnaby and William Quigley,
Rd Agt Grover C. Farwell,
1st Auditor David W. Fessenden,
2nd Auditor Darrell F. Wilkins,
Trustee of Trust Funds Warren C. Barnaby
4-48Official BallotFeb 1874James Edward & George PeabodySons of late George Peabody
4-48Guardian Bond
MediumDate People PlacesActivities