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2-01indexThis document is the spreadsheet index for the Volume 2 portfolio.
2-02legal1807Shattuck, Benjamin: Langdon, JohnGovernor John Langdon officially appoints Benjamin Shattuck, Jr. as 1st Lieutenant in the cavalry company of New Hampshire's Fifth Regiment. This is an ORIGINAL document.
2-03legal1817Shattuck, Benjamin; Harris, JohnGrand (Masonic) Lodge of New HampshireFormal appointment of Benjamin Shattuck to position of Grand Steward. Signed by Grand Master, John Harris
2-04legal1826Shattuck, Benjamin: Morril, Davidjustice of the peaceformal appointment of Benjamin Shattuck to the position of Hillsborough County Justice of the Peace. Signed by New Hampshire Governor David Morril.
2-05legal1847Shattuck, Benjaminjustice of the peacelooks like a formal (renewal) appointment of Benjamin Shattuck to Hillsboro(sic) County Justice of the Peace position. This document signed by New Hampshire Secretary of State Thomas Treadwell. There is a possible discrepancy of dates in this document.
2-06legal1847Shattuck, Benjamin: Corey, Wilkes: Shattuck, Nathaniel: Baldwin, ReubenSurveyor of Highways, Hillsborough CountyDocument empowering Benjamin Shattuck to put delinquent taxpayers to work on road improvements to discharge their tax obligations. Signed by Brookline's three selectmen.
2-06legal1835Shattuck, Benjamin: Ames, WilliamSheriff, Hillsborough Countyappears to be an order from Justice of the Peace William Ames to Hillsborough County Sheriff directing him to recover $9.34 in a judgement against Benjamin Shattuck.
2-07legal(?)1814Shattuck, Benjamin: Lovewell, Noah: Hunt, IsraelRabyHandwritten. Appears to be a deed for a land transfer involving Lovewell and Shattuck. Interesting that the name Raby is used on the document to designate Shattuck's place of residence.
2-09legal1832Hobart, Davidorder from Hillsborough County Justice of the Peace directing county sheriff or Brookline constables to recover $6.11 from a David Hobart
2-09legal1860Wallace, Betsy: Shattuck familyLooks like a land purchase - a member of the Shattuck family purchasing from the widow Betsy Wallace. Nathaniel Shattuck signed as Justice of the Peace.
2-10legal1866Wallace, Betsy: Shattuck, Clorindasale of property from Betsy Wallace to Clorinda Shattuck, for $4000. Signed by Justice of the Peace, Perley Dodge.
2-10legal1866Wallace, Betsy: Shattucklooks like it is related to previous item, between the legalese and the handwriting, it is difficult to decipher. The document cites anoter Shattuck, but his name is not clear. Witnessed by Justice of the Peace, Perley Dodge.
2-11legal(ish)1845Campbell, James: Randall, Jonasentirely handwritten document - appears to be a land transaction between a James Campbell and a Jonas Randall (or Kendall)
2-11legal1842Kendall, Jonas: Kendall, Samuelland transfer from Samuel to Jonas Kendall. Signed by John Hadley, Justice of the Peace
2-12legal1843Cleveland, John: Kendall, Jonas:appears to be sale (to Kendall) of wood laying on the land of George Daniels
2-12legal1838Kendall, Jonas: Wallace, Matthewsale of land from Kendall to Wallace. Signed by James, Parker, Justice of the Peace
2-13legal1817Kendall, Benjamin: Kendall Betsy: Kendall, Jonassale of land from Benjamin Kendall to Jonas Kendall. Signed by Benjamin Farley, Justice of the peace.
2-15program1969Brookline BicentennialBrookline's official bicentennial program
2-16report cardCorey, Lawrenceseventh grade report card/book for Lawrence Corey. Signed monthly by Walter E. Corey
2-17diploma1936Homoleski, StephenStephen Homoleski's grammar school graduation certificate, signed by school board members Jennie Fessenden, Grover Farwell, Charlotte Wright
2-18notice1978(?)Hall, BettyMemorial Day ceremonybrief notification of an upcoming Memorial Day ceremony featuring Stae Representitive Betty Hall. On lower right corner of notice is a handwritten note indicating that almost no one showed up, that Betty Hall was in tears, and that there would be no town Memorial Day observances after this one.
2-19newspaper1977Dodge, Thomas: Dodge, Eliza Daniels: Swett, Mrs. SamuelDaniels AcademyEvolution of Daniels Academy to Today's Town Hall: Brief summary with photograph.
2-19newspaper1978Bosquet, Earl: Bass, Victor: Pike, JamesBrookline Station Restaurant"Brookline Free-For-All Damages Five Cruisers: Report of a an incident involving a Hollis man who - prior to being completely subdued - caused considerable damage to four Hollis cruisers and one Brookline cruiser after local and state police were summoned to an evening "ruckus" at the Station Restaurant."
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
1994Fessenden, AllanBrookline 225 anniversaryBig Bang for Brookline: Summary of the town's 225 festivities.
2-21legal1883Colburn, Enoch: Foster, Abel: Parker, Edward (judge)Directive fro Hillsborough County Probate Court for Enoch Colburn to serve as administrator of the estate of Abel Foster.
2-22program1987Farwell, Marcia: Howard, Nancy: Lyon, Jogn: Maghakian, Richard: Hall, SydneyBrookline Elementary SchoolBrookline Elementary School Addition, dedication: annual Christmas tree lightingprogram for a 90-minute dedication of the school addition, followed by a tree lighting ceremony. Mantion is made of the Chrich of Christ's new carillon system, and of Sydney Hall who was instrumental in procuring the system.
2-23program1990Brookline Conservation CommissionOur Place (publication): Stonehouse PressNissitissit River Land Trust annual canoe trip: Earth Day celebrationlooks like a notice sent to all Brookliners inviting them to participate in the 1990 Earth Day activities and to make one small change in their homes or businesses
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
1976Seney, Bob: Pelletier, WilliamRetired cavalryman Bob Seney stops briefly in Brookline while trying to ride horeback through all 48 continental United States.
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1975Kinney, George: Dunbar, Norman: Tweedie, Mr. & Mrs. Jackmembers of a Scots Highland band meet in Brookline for practice and a cookout in advance of Milford's bicentennial parade.
Jack Fallon - Likely Nashua Telegraph
1988Fall Faircouple of photos from the Fall Fair sponsored by Brookline Historical Society. The date is speculative based on partial photo and caption of Mike Dukakis on reverse. Appears to be from a national political rally.
Jack Fallon - New Hampshire Sunday News
1977Szok, Susanna: Knapp, JohnFeature story about a barn on Route 13 that was converted to a four-story residence full of eclectic touches. The building is still occupied as of September 2017.
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
1963Farwell, Grover, Jr.Unique Bus in Brookline: Captioned photo of Sonny Farwell standing in the door of a Chevrolet-built Step-Van bus specially made for small areas. Mr. Farwell, who was contracted to transport Brookline students at the time, traveled to Indiana to personally pick up the bus.
2-29newspaper1963Fessenden (E.C.) Garageproperty liquidation"Announcement of upcoming liquidation of the inventory at E.C. Fessenden Garage on South Main Street. Among the inventory listed ar "approx 200 Model T. Ford parts"."
2-30newspaper1966Hall, Foraceobituary
Jack Fallon - Likely Nashua Telegraph
1962Wood, Robert: Taylor, AlvinTwo articles, including a front-page headline, about the disappearance and subsequent discoery of Robert Wood of Ayer, Mass, who died of natural causes (heart condition) while rabbit hunting in Brookline.
2-32newspaper1962Snell, Brian and Denise: Taylor, Mrs. Alvin: Homoleski, Mrs. Stephen: Sherman, Mrs. Brian: Jensen, Albert: White, AlbertSearch Party Finds Tiny Wanderers: Happy ending to the disappearance of two siblings. 75 searchers participated.
2-33newspaper1975Methodist Church: Brookline Community CenterCaptioned photo of the Methodist Church that had been unused for 20 years, and was targeted for restoration as a community center. Accompanied by a brochure soliciting contributions to help with the restoration and announcing the planned dedication of July 3, 1976.
Jack Fallon - Nashua Telegraph
Fessenden, Nason: Fessenden, Elsie (Beaubien)An Era Passes With Him: Extensive article written upon the death of Brookline resident Nason Fessenden. For 32 years, Mr Fessenden was Brookline's only mail carrier.
Jack Fallon - Likely the Milford Cabinet
1983Jepson, Paul: Ingraham, Richard: Farwell, Clarence: Homoleski, Stephen:Menchion, Michael:Moran, Tom:Shattuck, Don:Fusco, Donnie:Ingraham, Cindy:Jepson, Pamela: Carter, HarveyBrookline Ball ParkDedication of granite marker and softball tournament honor local men: Article about the unveiling of the granite marker at entrance to Brookline ballpark, and of two men who helped make the park possible.
2-36notes1974Jepson, MiriamTown History CommitteeTapply Lumber, fireMiriam Jepson's month-by-month summary of the major events in Brookline during 1974.
2-37memo1976Jepson, Miriam: Flint, JamesBeaver Hollow subdivision"Explanation of how the developers of Beaver Hollow subdivision, with the assistance and probably the encouragement of Miriam Jepson, chose the name "Flint's Meadow Drive" for the subdivision road. The name was selected "in keeping with the spirit of improving historical awareness during this American Bicentennial Year". An excerpt from Parker's town history is attached to explain where the name came from. Interestingly, the road is named Flint Meadow Drive, perhaps to save the cost of an apostrophe."
2-38newspaper3-Apr-69Farwell, Grover, Sr: Thomson, Medrim: Michos, TheodoreBrookline Citizens Association"Season on Taxpayers Open, Warns Thomson": Former gubernatorial candidate Thomson speaks to Brookline Citizens Association to warn about the possibility of a broad-based tax."
2-39photospre-1979Matthewson, Donald: Gerlack, Alfred:Tapply, William & Son, LumberThe envelope contains a compact disk with digitized versions of two snapshots of Tapply & Son Lumber. Tapply's was located along Quimby Road until around 2009. One of the photos shows Don Mathewson unleading logs. Don was William Tapply's son-in-law. Mathewson and William Tapply Jr drowned in October of 1979 while fishing on Lake Potanipo. The other photo is of the west yard (lumberyard) looking north toward the sawmill. The photos are from a collection belonging to Alfred Gerlack, who was the head sawyer at Tapply for 40 years. In September, 2017, Mr Gerlack was living in his home on Nissitissit Road in Brookline. Come to think of it, in 2017 compact disks are rapidly becoming historical artifacts!
2-40photounknownPowers, LlewellynFiddle-playing, New EnglandBlack & white photo of Mr. Llewellyn with his instrument. Short note indicates he was once the New England Old Time Fiddling champion. An online Telegraph article mentions him winning men's best in a competition in Manchester in January od 1926. Article also mentions that Mr. Powers was, at the time, well on his way to being an octogenerian.
2-41poster04-Jul-1889Independence Day celebration:Fourth of July celebration"detailed program for the 1889 4th of July festivities. Includes 30 minutes of bell-ringing, procession of the Horribles, and an oration by "Our Colored Brother"
2-41playbillMarch-1886Cox, Fannie (pianist)Appears to be an evening of entertainment by FOUR BASHFUL YOUNG MEN, whose surnames are Barnes, Jeness, Gutterson, and Wright.
2-42photo1949Dimauro, Samuelbobcat huntingPhoto by Alvin Taylor of hunter Samuel Dimauro standing by the hanging corpse of a 30-pound bobcat Dimauro shot between Milford and Brookline.
2-43newspaperOct-49Dimauro, Samuelbobcat huntingtwo newspaper copies of the photo on page 2-42
2-43newspaperGould, Levi: Rockwood, George:Poor FarmOLD BROOKLINE HOME GUTTED: Levi Gould's home, formerly the Brookline Poor Farm, burned to the ground in what Chief Rockwood deemed a fire of suspcious origin.
2-44newspaperRockwood, GeorgefirefightingNEW FIRE TRUCK IN BROOKLINE: Photo and short article about Brookline's new pumper truck,
2-45calendarCorey, WalterCorey's storescenic print from complimentary calendar given to customers of Walter Corey's store. Calendar is missing.
2-46calendar1927Hall, AlphaHall's storecomplimentary calendar given to customers of A.A. Hall Company
2-47calendar1928Fessenden, E.C.Fessenden Garage(s)complimentary calendar given to Fessenden customers in both Townsend and Brookline locations
2-48calendar1964Corey, LawrenceOld Railroad Snack Barcomplimentary calendar for customers of Lawrence Corey's Old Railroad Snack Bar. Photograph looks to be of the railroad station's grand opening celebration.
2-?magazine1994Cummings, WillardFresh Pond Ice Co: NASHUA Magazine"In a section entitled "nostalgia", is a full page article about the heyday of Brookline's ice trade, with commentary from Willard Cummings. Author is Judith H. Bennett. Page 5."
2-?newspaper1979vandalism: juvenile delinquency: need for full-time police officer"BROOKLINE HANDLES A COMMON PROBLEM ITS OWN WAY": Interviews with some Brookliners - including police chief Earl Bosquet - about the problems of juvenile delinquency. Interesting to see that the town was only then considering the hiring of a full-time police officer."
2-?announcement1901Ladies' Aid Societyapron fair: mock town meetingannouncement of humorous entertainment in the days prior to women's suffrage. Some funny stuff among the artiles to be discussed and acted upon.
2-?newspaper1964Malloy, JimBrookline SpeedwayIssue of Illustrated Speedway News includes three photos of a Jim Malloy crash at Brookline Speedway during the 1964 season.
2-?newspaper1964Malloy, JimBrookline SpeedwayIssue of Illustrated Speedway News includes three photos of a Jim Malloy crash at Brookline Speedway during the 1964 season.
MediumDate People PlacesActivities