Index Volume 1

1-01index2017This document is the spreadsheet index for the Volume 1 portfolio.
1-03newspaperNye, Maude (accidental death): Nye, Earnest: Young Peoples' Society of Christian Endeavor of BrooklineUndated news article about the accidental shooting death of 14-year old Maude Nye by her 16-year old brother, who discharged a rifle not knowing it was loaded.
1-03newspaper1892Stiles, Henry Bowersobituary of Major Henry Stiles
1-04newspaper1936storm damage, 1936"Summary of severe storm damage in Brookline. Quite detailed regarding both persons and property. "Brookline will never again be the same pretty little town as her shady streets and lanes are gone."
1-04newspaperwater fountain, villageshort article about moving the watering trough - post 1966 - to a spot on the town hall lawn. Includes a summary of the trough's various locations over the years, including establishment of a Board of Trustees of the Drinking Fountain
1-04newspaper1948 Winslow, O.F. : Chase, ClaytonRoute 13, constructionsummary of Brookline's contributions to the construction of the Brookline section of Route 13. Includes reference to local contractors, and to an article in New Hampshire Highways.
1-04newspaper1906Hall, J.A., homestead firefire, J.A. Hall homesteadsummary of "the most disastrous fire Brookline ever had". Note this happened almost 30 years prior to the Fresh Pond Ice Company conflagration."
1-04newspaper1914meetinghouse, firefire, meetinghouse"short account of the rapid burning of Brookline's Old Meeting House"
1-04newspaper1960Melendy Pond AuthorityMelendy Pond: Larkin LakeMelendy Pond: Larkin Lakesummary of the formation, charter, and original membership of the Melendy Pond Authority
1-05newspaper1935 Hall, Forace: Hall, Bertha; Hall, Winifreddouble wedding, Hall sister"Brookline Sisters Brides at Double Wedding Rites Performed on Home Lawn": Article from the (Manchester?) Union about the double wedding of Bertha and Winifred Hall to Charles Sumner Sullivan and Elbert Spaulding Barton."
1-05newspaper1966Hall, Forace (death)"Services Held for Forace R. Hall, Town Clerk of Brookline". Summary of the funderal services and the life of Forace Hall."
1-06newspaper1892Fourth of July, 1892summary of the preparations and the events of South Brookline's July 4th celebration. Includes reference to the "two colored brothers in the employ of Mr. Stickney".
1-06newspaperFarnsworth, Edward; Farnsworth, Albert; Farnsworth, Annabeldrowning, Farnsworth children"TRIPLE TRAGEDY" story of the accidental drowing deaths of 3 Farnsworth children, who fell through the ice at Hall's mill pond on their way home from school."
1-06newspaperBrookline retrospective: Shattuck, Sally"Short reflection by a "S.W.S. (possibly a Shattuck) of the changes that have occurred in Brookline since author moved away 40 years earlier. Old Meeting House still stands at time this column was written."
1-07newspaper1969Eli and Bessie Cohen Foundation: Brookline Recreation CommitteeMax Cohen Grove"Brookline Given Recreation Area For Use by Residents". Announcement of the Cohen Foundation's waterfront gift to town of Brookline."
1-07newspaper1966Hall, Alpha: A.A. Hall Co. : Tarbell, Ernest: Hall, Forace: Hall, Forace: Jepson, Miriam"Closing of the A.A. Hall Store in Brookline Marks End of a Colorful and Nostagic Era". By Miriam Jepson. Lots of historic detail in this lengthy, affectionate article."
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1973Pratt, Jean: Parkhurst, Marty: Dyer, LindaEli and Bessie Cohen Foundation: Max Cohen Grove: Brookline Citizens AssociationMax Cohen Grove in Brookline Offers Residents A Fine Swimming Area: Summary of the history of how the grove was donated to Brookline. Photo of Pratt, Parkhurst, and Dyer on the beach.
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
Eli and Bessie Cohen Foundation: Max Cohen Grove: Brookline Citizens AssociationBrookline Plans to Develop Lakeside Site Given by Eli and Bessie Cohen Doundation
Jack Fallon - Boston Post
1928Hilton, George (Dr.): Holcombe, Charles (Dr.)WHOLE TOWN GLAD NOW OVER DOCTOR: Brookline selectmen determine they needed to pay a bonus of $1000 to induce a physician - George Hilton - to take up residence in town, nine years after the death of Dr. Charles Holcombe. The article refers to O.D. Fessenden as the wealthiest man in town. O.D. laments the decline of Brookline population and proclaims a hope that the town can grow commercially.
Jack Fallon
1955Crowell, PrescottBrookline Fiber, Inc.NEW WOOLEN MILL TO START OPERATIONS IN BROOKLINE AREA BY START OF YEAR: The construction of Crowell's wool processing building at the end of Old Milford Rd. The site would later be home to Hall's Manufacturing, a teck & feed shop, and Stovekeepers.
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1992Cummings, Willard: Simons, Erving: Burke, Donald: Hall, AlphaFresh Pond Ice Company"Ice Age". Full page story about the ice trade in Brookline, as told by some of the participants."
1-11newspaper1982Cummings, Willard: Burke, Donald: Homeleski, Hector: Farwell, Grover (Sr):Fresh Pond Ice Company"The Brookline Ice Houses". (Looks like Milford Cabinet or Hollis/Brookline Journal.) First-hand descriptions of the ice-making trade by men who worked there. Final paragraph contains "interesting" statement about the 1935 fire and Fresh Pond's upcoming town tax assessment."
1-11newspaperMatthewson, Donald: Tapply, William (Jr)drowning, Tapply and Matthewson"Two Lost in Brookline Drowning". First part of report on the drowing deaths of two young men in Lake Potanipo. Mr. Tappley was son of local lumberman William R. Tapply of William R. Tapply & Son Company."
Jack Fallon - Union Leader
1931Hall, Henry"Last Passenger Train on Road". Column in unknown publication acknowledging the final running of passenger train service from Brookline. Article recounts the historic highlights of the railroad in Brookline, and unidentified author mentions that she accompanied her father, Henry Hall, on board many times when he ran the pay train from Pepperell to Brookline."
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1963Infant Jesus Church: Meetinghouse: GrangeEntire section - front and reverse - devoted to Brookline history. Includes article about town's 1948 decision to send high school students to Nashua instead of to Milford.
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1963Grange: Infant Jesus Church: Meeting House: Methodist churchEntire section - front and reverse - devoted to Brookline history. Includes article about town's 1948 decision to send high school students to Nashua instead of to Milford.
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1963Brookline industry: Brookline schools:full-page continuation of the Brookline history section on page 1-10. Includes close-up of the postal annex attached to Whitcomb's store at 22 Main Street.
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1963Grange: Infant Jesus Church: Meeting House: Methodist churchcompletion from 1-10 of articles about Brookline Grange, Town Meeting, Infant Jesus, and Methodist churches
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1973Fessenden, Belle (Gram)seems to be a general summary of Brookline news, authored by Miriam Jepson and headlined by a story about Belle Fessenden being honored - at age 84 - by friends and family.
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1981Brookline Drum and Bugle Corps: Burgess, Haroldbrief history of the six-year run of Brookline's Drum and Bugle Corps (1949-1955), and their reunion in 1981 to honor former corps director Harold Burgess. Includes large photo of the original 1949 contingent.
1-19newspaper1919welcome home celebration for WWI soldiers and sailors(unnown author, unknown publication). Begins with general news about Brookline but emphasizes the town's welcome home celebration for its returning soldiers and sailors.
1-20newspaper1969The Cavalier (student publication): Brookline high school students sent to Hollis"The Cavalier", a student publication of Hollis High School carries a front page story welcoming Brookline students to Hollis and describing some of the financial details around the new arrangement."
1-21newspaper1884 (?)Methodist Episcopal Society: A.B. Russell (editor): Brookline Telephone (publication)"This is the first edition of The Brookline Telephone, a publication that seems to combine some local news, some advice (such as a column entitled "Temperance"), and an abundance of advertisements. "
Jack Fallon - Union Leader
1998Arnold, Tom (Jr): Chimento, Carmen: Cecil, Doug: Hall, BettyTown moderator Tom Arnold was physically removed by state police from counting ballots on which his name appeared. Mr. Chimento, a contender for the post of Town Moderator, initiated the police action because he felt Mr Arnold's involvement violated state election law.
1-22newspaper1958ski-towBrief mention of Brookline's ski operation in an article about hos southern New Hampshire's ski-tow areas help alleviate crowding in the more well-known destinations of northern New Hampshire
1-23newspaper1885Hollis and Brookline Heraldfragile copy of an old newspaper with a very wide circulation area. Published by Pratt Brothers, Marlboro, Massachusetts
1-24newspaper1886Hollis and Brookline Heraldfragile fragment of Hollis and Brookline Herald
1-25newspaper1888Hollis and Brookline Heraldfragile fragment of Hollis and Brookline Herald
1-26newspaper1935Pyne, Leo. C., larcenylarceny, Louise Pyne3 newspaper clippings detailing the larcenous deeds of Brookline's Leo Pyne and three Massachsetts colleagues. Their investment schemes were based on the promise of salvaging sunken ships.
1-26newspaper1934McPhail, Annie; Quigley, William"FINDS HUSBAND WEALTHY". Cute story about a young Brookline woman who marries a theater usher - William Quigley - from Everett, Massachusetts, not knowing that he had inherited a quarter million dollars from an uncle. Mr. Quigley is quoted in the article as saying he'd like to move to New Hampshire, buy a farm, and perhaps pursue police work."
1-26newspaper1909Marshall, Harry and WilliamNew England Wood Type, New Engand Wood Type Coreport of the fire at New England Wood Type Co building on west end of Bond Street. The fire caused a total loss. According to the report, the company was one of only two wood type factories in the United States.
1-27newspaper1947Austin, Arthurcar thieves captured in BrooklineROBBERS CAPTURED IN BROOKLINE CHASE: What appears to be a complete (and fragile) copy of the the Townsend Times carries a front page story about 3 Massachusetts men who stole a car in Beford NH, fled to Brookline, and were captured on a logging road near the Charles Kecy place.
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1972Corey, LawrenceRailroad Snackbar: Corey's Gun ShopShort article about Lawrence Corey's 'retirement' from the restaurant business to focus on his gun shop. Nice photo of Mr. Corey standing in front of a rack of rifles.
1-28newspaperPeabody, Frances: Peabody, George: church clockchurch clock"Brookline's Mystery Solved". Article about how the somewhat mysterious (anonymous) gift of the Brookline church clock happened."
1-28playbill1915Home Ties (drama), fundraiserannouncement of a four-act drama for the benefit of the Daniels Academy Building.
1-29playbill1906Tarbell's HallDown in Maine (drama)playbill for a four-act play starring a number of local luminaries including Eldorus Fessenden and Delbert Porter
1-29playbill1927Goodale, Bill, Melody Lane Orchestraconcert and ball, Daniels Academyprogram from an evening's musical entertainment at Daniels Academy Hall
Jack Fallon - Union Leader
1969Barnaby, Florence"Brookline Woman, 82, Asks for Nothing": Extensive story about Florence Barnaby, her life and her philosophy."
Jack Fallon - Union Leader
1969Barnaby, FlorenceFront page photo from same issue as previous. Mrs. Barnaby is hand-sawing her winter firewood.
1-32newsletter1871Vestry Chimes: Congregational SocietyThis is a fragile copy of the initial issue of the VESTRY TIMES.
1-33newsletter1997Farwell, Marcia: Farwell, Clarence: Austin, Jimmy: Clark, Deborah: Kinney, David: Bent, Daniel: Goulden, Thomasbell-ringing incident of 1997The Brookliner: This edition seems to be the one published most closely following the notoroious bell-ringers incident of 1997. The entire issue - including letters to the editor - is heavily weighted toward the incident and its aftermath. The editorial is written by Marcia Farwell, one of the defendents in the case.
1-34program1914Brookline Public Library, benefit"program for a variety show to be held at Daniel's Memorial Academy for the furnishing of the Brookline Public Library. O.D. Fessenden is listed within the program as "president", but there is no clear indication of what."
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1943Farwell, Ellenannouncement that Ellen Farwell is the first enlisted WAVE to advance in rating at U.S. Naval Air Station in New Orleans.
1-35menuGriffing, John and JudyRiverside Restaurant, menu"folded paper menu for Griffings' Riverside Restaurant with a message from the owners on the front entitled "A Labor of Love"
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1971"Palmer, Florence: Struckman, Paula: "Comments", monthly Brookline publication: government transparency""Two Determined Women 'Meddle' in Town Affairs": lengthy article about the orogin, demise, and resurrection of COMMENTS and the two women behind it. Paula Struckman and Florence Palmer founded the publication because they did not like some aspects of the way Brookline was being run, nor the way the prevalent Brookline news outlet was reporting. Farwell family in particular is called out in this article."
1-37newsletter1969+Comments (newsletter): Build a Better Brookline: Palmer, Florence: Struckman, Paulafour issues of COMMENTS newsletter, published by Build a Better Brookline, Inc, from 1969 thru 1972. See 1:33 for background on the publicaiton and its founders.
Jack Fallon - Hollis Brookline Journal
1998Burke, Donald (Pat)Fresh Pond Ice Cofront page feature about long-time Brookliner Donald Burke includes a photo of him pumping gas a Erwin Corey's Gulf station.
1-39newsletters1973-74Soper, Earle and Marge: Wright, GeorgeBrookline Air Force"two issues of a publication entitled "The BAF ROOM PAPER. musings and reportings - mostly jocular - of the goings on of members of the self-styled Brookline Air Force"
Jack Fallon - Milford Cabinet
1997Maske, Jerry: Cleveland, Michael: Clark, Deborahbell-ringing incident of 1997: vandalismincludes front page story about the pastor of Brookline's Church of Christ and his disappointment with the behavior of the bell ringers. See also Michael Cleveland's editorial critical of the bell ringers.
Jack Fallon - Union Leade
1997Goulden, Thomas: Clark, Deborah: McLaughlin, Philipbell-ringing incident of 1997"Attorney General: No Evidence of Police Brutality in Brookline". NH attorney general chooses not to pursue investigation into police brutality resulting from bell-ringer incident."
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1997Clark, Deborah: Palmer, Todd: Arnold, Thomasbell-ringing incident of 1997"Threats Lead to Desk Duty for Offier". Acting chief Todd Palmer assigns officer Deb Clark to desk duty after she was threatened at a public meeting. See also the related editorial on page 10."
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1997bell-ringing incident of 1997"Brookline melee: A case of patriots vs. Tories?" Editorial from the Dover Daily Democrat generally sympathetic to the bell ringers."
Jack Fallon - New York Times
1997bell-ringing incident of 1997"Fireworks of Sorts Afflict a New Hampshire Town": in its National News Briefs section, the New York Times reports on the Brookline bell-ringers incident."
1-45magazine1994Cummings, WillardFresh Pond Ice Co: NASHUA Magazine"In a section entitled "nostalgia", is a full page article about the heyday of Brookline's ice trade, with commentary from Willard Cummings. Author is Judith H. Bennett. Page 5."
Jack Fallon - Telegraph
1979vandalism: juvenile delinquency: need for full-time police officer"BROOKLINE HANDLES A COMMON PROBLEM ITS OWN WAY": Interviews with some Brookliners - including police chief Earl Bosquet - about the problems of juvenile delinquency. Interesting to see that the town was only then considering the hiring of a full-time police officer."
1-47announcement1901Ladies' Aid Societyapron fair: mock town meetingannouncement of humorous entertainment in the days prior to women's suffrage. Some funny stuff among the articles to be discussed and acted upon.
Jack Fallon - Illustrated Speedway News
1964Malloy, JimBrookline SpeedwayIssue of Illustrated Speedway News includes three photos of a Jim Malloy crash at Brookline Speedway during the 1964 season.
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