February 10, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm with attendees of Vicki and Jim Pope, Bob Canada, George Winters and Eric DiVirgilio present.  The treasurer’s report was reviewed with particular focus on the winter expense of propane. With the much larger space to heat, we will need to be vigilant for potential ways to save costs and mindful of future fundraising activities that can be initiated. Jim made a motion to accept the report, second Vicki.  

The next order of business was to review the current board and appoint the members for the next 12 months. Current Board is:

President: Peter Webb

Vice President: Eric DiVirgilio

Treasurer: Chris Corey

Secretary: Vacant

Director and past President: David Fessenden, Jr.  

We discussed the multitude of contested races and tough decisions to be made, but ultimately we decided to appoint all current members to new 12 months terms in their existing capacity. We graciously accepted all appointments for non-present parties.  We are still waiting to meet Vacant and hope they will be able to come to a meeting in the near future. Jim moved, George seconded.

It was then discussed more ways to sell Nestled Here books with a listing on Amazon. More investigation will be needed on this front.

When folks arrived to the meeting tonight, there was a large screen and a projector setup for old Brookline, NH film night. We discussed that once the official meeting portion adjourned we would grab our snacks (thanks Vicki and Jim) and watch the films. We planned to view the 1952 Drum and Bugle Corps, the 1969 Bi-Centennial, the 1957 Soap Box Derby and 1979/1980 Steeple repairs.

Next meeting, March 10, 2021.  Motion to Adjourn Vicki, George seconded. Meeting adjourned 7:34pm.