December 9, 2020

Attendees: David Fessenden, George Winters, Vicki and Jim Pope, Bob Canada, and Eric DiVirgilio, 

Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and one change was noted – David noted the name should have been Luther Malloy and not Arthur Malloy. Eric made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction as noted. Bob seconded. 

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and there were no disputes. Eric motioned to accept. Vicki seconded. 

David noted the speed of the Christmas tree sales this year surpassed all others in memory. We sold 3 additional trees over the last few days and there are just 2 trees remaining. The society wishes to thank all of the volunteers who supported us this year with unloading, tagging and selling. 

The Christmas Tree Raffle drawing winners were chosen next. First up, Vicki graciously drew the first winner for a $20 Dunkin Gift Card – Wes Toms the winner

Bob drew next for a chance to win a $20 Kung Garden gift certificate – David Fessenden the winner

Jim drew third for a $22 gift certificate to Pure Food and Juice – The winner goes by the name “Jeff”. Hopefully the phone number provided works!

The shed progress is moving along nicely. The front windows are in and the door is almost finished. Del Porter has 6″ strap hinges that he will bring with him to the next work party that will allow the door to be hung. Thanks to Jim, Bob and Peter Webb to all the work on the shed these past few weeks. 

Next work session on the shed is scheduled for Wed next week. 

It was noted that the society received a very interesting old home movie from 1941. It came to us via Mark Fessenden who received it from Fire Chief Corey. It will be posted to the website and should be viewed by all. It is 4 minutes long and worth every second. 

The next meeting is January 13th and Amy Fessenden kindly offered to provide the snacks. 

At 7:25 the skeleton crew voted unanimously to adjourn.