Christmas Tree sale

Christmas Trees!

The Brookline NH Historical Society will be selling Christmas trees for the 22st year outside the Historical Society beginning Friday November 27 at 10:00AM and every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00PM until they are gone.

Come and pick out your tree early for the best selection!


Friday, November 27th 10AM to 4PM
Saturday, November 28th 10AM to 4PM
Sunday, November 29th 10AM to 4PM


Saturday, December 5th 10AM to 4PM
Sunday, December 6th 10AM to 4PM

Saturday, December 128th  10AM to 4PM
Sunday, December 13th 10AM to 4PM

Saturday, December 19th  10AM to 4PM
Sunday, December 20th  10AM to 4PM