Charles Boynton Goodwin

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CHARLES BOYNTON GOODWIN, one of the most influential men of Mason, was born in Brookline, N.H., January 17, 1851, son of the late Rev. Daniel Goodwin and his wife, Martha (Boynton) Goodwin. He traces his descent back through four or five generations. His great-great-grandfather, Daniel Goodwin, who came to this country from England, settled in Newburyport, Mass. His great-grandfather, David Goodwin, who went from Rowley, Mass ., to Londonderry, N.H., in the year 1787, settled there as a farmer. David’s wife, in maidenhood Mehitable Jackson, had seven children. Joshua, grandfather of Mr. Charles Goodwin, was the fifth.

Joshua Goodwin, the fifth child of David, born in Rowley, July 30, 1779, was a farmer of Londonderry. He was also a shoemaker, and he worked at that trade at various times. A devoted and active member of the Presbyterian church, he served in the capacity of Deacon for many years. He was one of the old-time Whigs and a stanch supporter of his party. The first of his three marriages was contracted with Rebecca Jones, who bore him two sons. His second wife, Elizabeth, a sister of Rebecca, had three children, among whom was the Rev. Daniel Goodwin. His third marriage was made with Annie Melvin, a widow, who had no children.

The Rev. Daniel Goodwin was born January 25, 1809, at Londonderry. He was finely educated and a college graduate. After attending the common schools, he took a course in the academy at Derry, N.H., and subsequently graduated from Dartmouth College in the class of 1835, and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1838. Settling for his first pastorate in Brookline, N. H., he was ordained there February 27, 1839, and afterward preached there until 1855. Then he came to Mason, where he was pastor of the Congregational church for eighteen years. His death occurred on December 30, 1893. The Rev. Mr. Goodwin always took an active part in the civil affairs of the town. In 1885—86 he was a member of the State legislature. For nine years he was Town Clerk. He was the Postmaster and a Justice of the Peace for twenty years, and he also served as Notary Public and Superintendent of the Town Schools. Like his father, the Deacon, the Rev. Daniel Goodwin was thrice married. Julia Ann Shute Goodwin the first wife, bore him four children Sarah D., Lucy E ., Julia A., and Daniel D. Sarah D. is the widow of Charles W. Tarbell, of Brooklyn, N. Y, and had two daughters Sarah G. and Alice F., of whom Sarah G. is the wife of the Rev. C. F. H. Crathern, of Braintree, Mass., and Alice F. died June 18, 1887. Julia A. died at Mason, October 28, 1894. She was for some time a resident in the South, where she taught music and other branches of education, under the auspices of and the American Missionary Association, had returned home on account of ill health. Daniel D. Goodwin, who died May 24, 1884, was a member of the legislature in 1883. For about six years he carried on an extensive business in horns and hides in Colorado. He spent his last years in Mason. Lucy E. taught school for several years in Greenville and in the South, under the auspices of the American Missionary Association, and now resides with her brother, Charles Boynton Goodwin. Mrs. Julia Ann Shute Goodwin died at the age of thirty-six. She was a member of the Congregational church at Brookline, N.H. The Rev. Mr. Goodwin’s second wife, Martha Boynton Goodwin, and the mother of the subject of this sketch, was a daughter of Major Eli Boynton, of Pepperell, Mass., and was the mother of three children, one of whom is now deceased. Henry A. is married to Emma F. Childs, and has five children; namely, Martha L., Ethel M., Otis D., Daniel, and Ruth. Residing at Hollis, N.H., he is an extensive farmer, has served as Selectman, is now serving on the School Board, and is a member of the Congregational church. Mrs. Martha Goodwin died at the age of sixty- two years. The Rev. Mr. Goodwin’s third marriage was contracted with Mrs. Lucy I. Boynton, a widow of Pepperell, Mass ., and a member of the Congregational church. She now resides in Pepperell, Mass.

Charles Boynton Goodwin has been a farmer all his life. Educated in the public schools of Brookline and Mason, he afterward worked with his father, and is now a self-made man. He has held several minor offices, was a member of the School Board for a nunober of years, and has been chosen Town Clerk annually since 1883. In 1892 he was Selectman, and he held the office of Postmaster since 1888. Mr. Goodwin is unmarried.