Centennial Poster – Returns

A wonderful gift was made to the Brookline Historical Society on September 11th, 2019.

Earlier this year, Joyce (Klein) Perry had reached out to the Brookline Public Library for some research help with family genealogy. When she came for a visit she brought along some items from her family history, and revealed a true treasure.

It was an original poster from Brookline’s Centennial Celebration in 1869, a document that had survived for 150 years. Joyce generously donated the poster to the town on behalf of the Klein family, which had lived in Brookline for over 100 years.

Peter Webb of the Brookline Historical Society took possession of this never-before-seen document and began researching how to best restore and preserve it. The Klein family generously offered to donate the funds for restoration, and the Historical Society provided the funds for archival quality framing.

Three members of the Klein family were present tonight as the restored and framed poster was unveiled. Joyce told the story of her family in Brookline and how the poster was found, and presented the framed poster to the Historical Society for display and preservation.

We are grateful for the generosity of the Klein family, they have gifted us with a rare and invaluable treasure, and we proudly accept it on behalf of the people of Brookline.