Bertell L. Talbot, M.D.

Bertell L. Talbot, M.D., Pg. 79-80 – scanned document

BERTELL L. TALBOT, M.D., a rising young physician of Peterboro, Hillsboro County, was born in Milford, N. H. , April 5, 1872, son Of Leroy L. and Eliza A. (Dutton) Talbot. His great-grandfather, Ezra Talbot, was a lifelong resident of Brookline, N.H., where he followed the carpenter’s trade in connection with farming during the active period of his life.
Etra Talbot was a Deacon of the Congregational church, and he and his wife were the parents of ten children. Samuel Talbot, Dr.Talbot’s grandfather, was born in Brookline in 1810. For some years he followed the trade of a carpenter, but later in life he engaged in agricultural pursuits. His character was that of an upright, prudent man, and by availing himself of every opportunity for advancement he attained a comfortable prosperity. In his later years he acted with the Republican party in politics. He married Eliza G. Hodgman, of Merrimac, N.H., and they reared five children, of whom four are now living, namely: Sylvanus J., who married Abbie Brooks; Ann T., who married Daniel Hayden, of Hollis, N.H., and has one daughter, Bertha M.; Leroy L. ; and Charles D. Samuel Talbot lived to be eighty-six years old, and his Wife died at the age of sixty-three.

Leroy L was born in Brookline, N.H., December 17, 1846. He learned the cooper’s trade, which he followed in his native town for a time, in 1870 settling in Milford, where for ten years he continued in the same occupation. He then engaged in farming upon a small tract of land in Milford village, where he still resides. Being naturally energetic and thrifty, he has become fairly well-to-do. In politics he acts with the Republican party. He is a prominent Odd Fellow, belonging to Milford Lodge, in which he is Past Grand, and he is also Past Chief Patriarch of the encampment. His Wife, Eliza A. Dutton Talbot, whom he married in 1870, is a daughter
of Reed Dutton, of Milford. She is the mother of two children : Bertell L. , the subject of this sketch; and Carl W. , born November 6, 1886. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy L. Talbot are members of the Baptist church.

BertelI L. Talbot was graduated from the Milford High School in 1891. He studied medicine at the Harvard Medical School, from which he was graduated with the class of 1896, and after a course of practical observation at the Boston City Hospital he located for practice in Peterboro. He has already secured the good opinion of the community, and his professional career has opened encouragingly and with bright future prospects. On August 27, 1896, Dr. Talbot was united in marriage with Mary E. Otis, daughter of Charles L. Otis, Of Hancock, N. H.

Dr. Talbot is connected with Milford Lodge, l. O. O. F. He is a member of the Baptist church, and Mrs. Talbot is a Congregationalist.