Barnaby, Donald

Interview date: 09-27-1990

Interview date: 02-15-2002 part 1

Interview date: 02-15-2002 part 2

Interview on 02-15-2002 – ORAL HISTORY INDEX

00:00Intro, family, first house, former neighbors
01:44Hector Hamaleski
02:24Other Barnaby family members, house ownership
03:34Former store in large house called “The Greasy Sink”
05:03Donald’s father and mother
05:40Author Goss
07:48Donald’s grandparents / mother
10:06Donald’s parents houses
10:30Milford St. School
12:28Work after High School
13:04Village Store / Hall’s Store
16:28Canal St.
16:55Summer fun as a kid
17:46Summer resident / tennis court / Kline’s
18:42Methodist Church
19:50Peter Webb moves to Brookline
21:30Donald’s uncle
22:36Christmas wreath making
26:20Clearance Farewell
26:54Bell Ringing – passing reference only
28:12Donald’s Health
28:40Mrs. Soucy – Donald’s Cousin
30:50Florence Barnaby
31:55Remembering the train
33:20O.D. Fessenden Garage
35:02Donald’s father as police chief
35:30Albert Knudson, Whitcomb, Nissitissitt hotel
36:46Florence Barnaby
39:46Bartlett house / Mariam Jepson
42:50Land and taxes

Picture of grandmother, mother of 15 children (End file #1)
(Begin File #2)
00:10Old pictures
01:37Strong house