August 11th, 2021

A select group, as opposed to a select board, met this evening at the Barnaby House at 17 Meetinghhouse Hill Road, for the monthly meeting of the Brookline Historical Society: Bob Canada, Gina Bent, Chris Corey, Eric DiVirgilio, David Fessenden, Susan Laub, George Winters, Peters Cook and Webb. We were particularly pleased to have the company of long-time supporters but infrequent attendees Corey and Cook. Chris has been our treasurer for longer than we could count. She said that Chuck Bunker the Elder had drafted her when he yielded the reins. She, by the way, reminded us that it was Chuck who saw to it that our 99 year lease for the town land the BHS occupies was paid in full in advance. Thank you, Chuck. Peter Cook has been an undercover member since the organization was founded in the early 80’s. It was suspected that Chris and Peter were flushed out by word that Gina Bent was providing the refreshments. Thank you, Gina.

Minutes, sent to anyone who wants to be on the group BHS email list and also appearing in the weekly, were approved without too much controversy. Our Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. Of note was a $500 donation from a generous member of our community. There were mixed feelings as to whether that person should be recognized more publicly. The Secretary thought so, but his judgment is suspect, so our benefactor, known to the assembled, will remain anonymous for the time being. Thank you to Anonymous. $1,391.00 of our treasury has been sent to our Christmas tree supplier for 105 trees, along with a note that, the drought up north notwithstanding, we hope that their trees are not as dry this year. The requested delivery date was 11/19. Treasurer Corey was advised that $1169.60 is due for the printing of the limited edition 2022 BHS calendars. Advertisers’ funds will significantly offset that obligation. Thank you Advertisers. The calendars are available for purchase from anyone you might know who is involved in the BHS, and businesses in town so inclined will offer them for sale. The price is $20.00. These coveted masterpieces are the work of Eric DiVirgilio. Thank you, Eric.

Anyone interested in free admission to Sturbridge Village for up to 8 people should let us know. We have tickets. Our back of the barn window repair is done thanks to our ingenious work party. The cracked window in the front of the barn is now to be addressed, as is the portico roof repair. Thank you to the work party for the diligent maintenance work they perform each Wednesday morning, 9 to 12. Weekday warriors of any level of competence are always invited to join in the fun.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Del Porter who is recovering at St. Joseph Hospital from recent hip surgery. COVID restrictions prohibit visitors. Charlie Annand of the Milford Historical Society dropped by some Brookline artifacts from their collection. It is hoped that the two organizations will find the opportunity to collaborate, along with other local historical societies, in the future. Thank you to the Milford Historical Society. It was noted that the Monius house on Main Street may be slated for demolition. Long-time Brookline residents, the Moniuses have taken up residence elsewhere. Contiguous property may be ripe for development in the current market. Additional residential use in the town center area may be a good thing, but there is some regret for the potential loss of a very old home that has been a fixture on Brookline’s Main Street. On the other hand, the long-empty Farrow (Farrell?) House on Meetinghouse Hill is currently under renovation. It was also indicated that the Eddy Whitcomb apartment house, a former early 19th century inn, on Main Street has been purchased. Local millstones continue to be of interest. Support was again expressed for music events in our facility.

Despite all the fun, a motion to adjourn and dine was made, seconded and approved. The next meeting is 9/8 and provisions will be courtesy of Mr. DiVirgilio.