April 14th, 2021

With background music provided by Spring peepers, we had the pleasure of the company of David Fessenden, Bob Canada, Vicki and Jim Pope, Eric Jensen, George Winters, Susan Laub and Peter Webb.  Chris Corey’s Treasurer’s report was gratefully accepted. Operational expenses for the past month totaled $665.37. David will ascertain if the electric bill was for one or two months. The need for fund-raising sometime soon was clear to everyone.

Our highly skilled and antiquated but earnest work crew continues its fine work, pro bono. New volunteers are welcome to join in the fun and fellowship every Wednesday from 9 AM to 12 noon. The transformation of the former Farwell shed appears to be complete. A closet in the house meeting room has been upgraded to serve as another display cabinet. The painting of the trim in that room is ongoing. Future projects are expected to include nailing down some warped vertical siding on exterior of the barn. Also contemplated is a small portico outside the back door of the barn to manage the snow that slides off the metal roof in the winter. Eric kindly offered to assist. The lighting in the basement is being improved by Brian Fessenden. Progress is being made on the outlets on the perimeter of the main floor.

The town hearse doesn’t appear to have moved any closer to its intended location. We understand that the powers that be at the BFD remain focused on finding a solution. There was discussion on whether raising the garage opening was a viable option. That appears unclear. It was suggested that concrete cutting might be an option. The problem remains that the hearse is a little too high to fit into the doorway. The most frequently discussed approach involves removing the large wooden wheels from the axles and replacing them after the body of the hearse is somehow moved through the doorway and into the building. While the ceiling inside is high enough, the top of the doorway is not.

David shared a 1885 deed to the Brookline School District for what appears to be the land on which the current Legion Hall sits. That building, built in 1886, was formerly a schoolhouse. Romeo Dubreuil offered the BHS a large painted plywood sign advertising “skier accommodations,” thinking that it might be a relic from the Brookline Ski business. The group reluctantly concluded that it was not likely that the sign was local. They decided to thank Mr. Dubreuil for his generosity but to decline his kind offer.

Amy Fessenden was thanked for her careful organizational work on the BHS’s three House Book volumes. Photos and info on older houses in town are collected and preserved in these volumes. 

There was discussion urging that the BHS barn be available for gatherings other than the BHS monthly meetings. The group authorized Eric to explore what might be involved for such use as far as the Building Inspector and Fire Department were concerned.

We neglected to appoint someone as the bringer of the snacks for our next meeting on Wednesday, May 12 at 7 PM. It is trusted that Providence will provide. He or she is requested to let David or Peter know. Peter was responsible for the snacks at this meeting and we’ll need some time to recover from that. As always, the public is welcome.