April 10, 2024

Delinquent minutes here. My apologies. The worst part is that the names of the faithful who were in attendance were not recorded. It is distinctly recalled that there were only 6 of us, but senility will not allow much more than that. One can recall a few. However, in the interest of avoiding offense to anyone omitted, please consider the group to have been just one happy family, as indeed was the case.

There were minutes for which no violent protest was voiced. They were accordingly considered approved. Our treasurer was with us in spirit only.

George Winters was thanked for seeing to the archival framing of an old poster advertising an event hosted at The Daniels Academy by the former Brookline Grange. We have acquired a promotional Riverside Restaurant tee shirt. It depicts a sketch of the fondly remembered interior of that former Brookline institution. Christine Saint George (who wasn’t able to be present yet dropped off delicious brownies before the meeting) has been printing professional-looking display labels for items in our collections.

The Wednesday morning work party discovered that ductwork in a section of the attic had been ravaged some time ago by crazed racoons or similar vermin. The team will see to removing the devastation and replacing the ducts. Given the tardiness of these minutes, it can be reported that that has been successfully accomplished. Vince Chamberlain has taken on a project to obtain copies of recordings discovered in The Library of Congress of performances by a renowned Brookline fiddle player, Llewellyn Powers. Mr. Powers passed in 1951 but performed throughout New England from the 30’s until his death. We are excited.

We need to replace a bulb in one of the exterior light posts. How many BHS members it will take to screw it in remains to be determined. A $100.00 donation has been received in memory of Loring Quimby. We were saddened to learn of the passing of Walter Hemmings. Mr. Hemmings kindly donated the ancient lye stone in front of the Barnaby House. It had been found on his property on Route 13 in town. Having a pot-luck for our members is being considered. The drawing of the winning ticket for the custom-make, electrified cigar box guitar will take place when the last Christmas tree is sold this winter. Tickets for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece made by a generous Brookliner will be available for sale until then.

The intimate group, whoever they might have been, adjourned to enjoy fellowship and delicious refreshments. Our next meeting is May 8. As always, John and Jane Q. Public are welcome.