Anderson, Ann

Interview by Judith Bennett. Interview date: 1990-11-06.

00:00Ann Anderson’s South Main Street home (a veterinary clinic in 2017) was built by Rueben Baldwin about 1834; his daughter, Lucy Ann, died in 1831 at age 5.
01:00In December of 1986, Ann’s husband, Carl, left for a meeting, locked the door, she got her 3 daughters to bed.
03:00Ann heard the key turn in the door, she found key hanging and door unlocked; although the outside screen door was locked.
At breakfast next AM, Carl and Ann heard the sound of a baby crying coming from the room above the dining room. Their youngest was 2. Walked to stairs and the crying stopped.
07:00She and 2-year-old alone later that AM. Sound started again later that morning. Ann waited for a minute. Slowly walked to stair. Crying stopped.
Ann and the children having lunch between Xmas and New Years. She and children heard baby crying. Went to the stairs. Crying stopped.
11:00Stove’s back burner would come on. Door was unlocked when returned from vacation
12:00Never heard sound again. Lucy Ann Baldwin born 12/15/__ and died 10/23/1831. Andrew Rockwood died in the house in 1888 or 1889.
14:00Sometimes she felt a presence in the house. Sometimes smelled cigar smoke.
16:00 Girls (Bathman?) who grew up in the house visited and asked Ann if she was ever visited by Mr. Rockwood. They reported feeling a presence in the house. Someone at a party once asked Ann how her ghost was.
18:00Margaret Dougherty and Cindy Fottler had spoken of having seen images. The Cindy or Margaret spoke of seeing a woman leaning over her baby’s crib.
The building in which Carl Anderson’s business, the Color Shop” was located was haunted. Customers would ask if they had met the ghost yet. You could sometimes feel a presence or hear someone walking.
22:00Employee said that someone was in the store. Tenant upstairs had to leave. One night tenant (Lee)called her parents hiding in closet from someone in the apartment.
24:00 Karen also lived there and reported being uncomfortable. People say there were suicides in the jail cells which used to be on the floor below.
26:00The Baldwins sold the Andersons’ house to the Rockwoods and moved to Hollis.

Arthur Rockwood’s son, Luke, lived in the Bremer’s house at the top of Old Milford Road.
30:00At some point 55 to 60 acres went with the Anderson home. It was built for $4,500 and the land was acquired in time after that. Bathman (?) sold the land off. There was a chiropractic office across Rt 13 from the house when the Anderson’s bought their home. That office was then sold to Bibco.