The Barn Project

The indefatigable Clarence Farwell first formally raised the issue of building an addition off of the back of the Barnaby House in 2005.  It was an idea which he, along with countless volunteer hours and generous donations from scores of people, would make a reality six years later.  In 2010 Scott Grzyb offered the BHS a most generous gift:  an 1800’s era disassembled post and beam barn frame from a barn which had stood in New York State. Thanks to Scott’s great generosity, the BHS’s ambition of serving to promote and preserve the heritage of our town took a large step forward.

For years a determined, diligent and skilled crew have been devoting their Wednesday and Saturday morning and more to the ongoing improvement of the BHS barn. Membership in this elite group of craftsmen and putters has been fluid, but the nucleus of the work crew has always been Clarence Farwell, Jim Pope, Delbert Porter, David Fessenden, and Bobby Canada. Joe King and Scott Grzyb were cherished coworkers for as long as their health permitted. It’s nothing short of amazing what these men have accomplished.