March 8th, 2023

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It was nice to see Gina Bent, Annett Quimby, Chris Corey, Diane Austin, Eric DiVirgilio, Amy and David Fessenden, Bob Canada, George Winters, Vicki and Jim Pope and Peter Webb. …

Fitchburg Railroad Engineering in Brookline, NH 1893

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Newly acquired photo of an 1893 Fitchburg Railroad Engineering crew in Brookline, NH surveying for the extension to Milford.

Ice Harvesting in New England


Recording of webinar hosted by NH Lakes, and presented by Jane M. Hennedy, Site Manager, Southern R.I., Historic New England. The BHS has provided information from our Ice Harvesting history …

Brookline Railroad Series Part IV of VII

The latest chapter covering the full, detailed history of the Brookline Railroad

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The Brookline Railroad Series

The Brookline Railroad Series chronicles the history of the Brookline, NH Railroad from its first incarnation to present day. This line was built by the Fitchburg Railroad and would later…

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Nestle here

Nestled Here

Nestled Here is not an academic work. Reading it is more like sitting on a bench in front of the village store, chatting with an avuncular old-timer, and watching the traffic go by.

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Nestled Here Companion Index

Do you want to look up a family member, an ancestor, a friend, or even yourself in the pages of Nestled Here? Would you like to find every reference to a favorite place of yours, such as the Old Railroad Snack Bar, the Brookline Speedway, Daniels Academy Building, or a wildlife sanctuary? This comprehensive index of proper names and places is an indispensable companion to the town history.

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Consider becoming a member of the Brookline Historical Society!

Your membership will contribute to our cultural heritage for generations to come.

A group of Brookliners interested in town history formed the Brookline Historical Society in 1980.

A formal constitution and bylaws were established in 1981, and Articles of Agreements were filed with the state in 1982. The “Incorporators” in that document were Marcia Swift, Ann Webb, Sharon Lincoln, Marcia Farwell, Jack Andel. 

The organization’s objective was conservation of the history and historic sites and objects of the town of Brookline, New Hampshire.

The barn Project

The indefatigable Clarence Farwell first formally raised the issue of building an addition off of the back of the Barnaby House in 2005.  It was an idea which he, along with countless volunteer hours and generous donations from scores of people, would make a reality six years later.  In 2010…