Brookline, NH Drum & Bugle Corps, circa 1952

A great movie detailing one of the many performances of the Brookline, NH Drum & Bugle Corps. We believe the date is around 1952. A gift of the Sidney Hall, Sr. Family.

Brookline, NH 1969 Bicentennial Parade & Celebration!!

The only known footage from the 1969 Bicentennial Parade & Celebration. A gift of the Sidney Hall, Sr. Family. A real gem – Enjoy!

Rare footage from Brookline 1941!

The BHS in collaboration with the Brookline Fire Department are proud to present this footage. A gift from Jeri Beck, the daughter of Alpha and Rita Hall, this short films offers a rare glimpse of Brookline in 1941.

The Brookline Speedway

The Brookline Speedway operated between 1957-1965. The one quarter mile track was believed to be the fastest in New England when it was constructed. The proposed races on Sunday’s led to much debate amongst the townspeople. Hear from Brookline’s own who experienced the raceway first hand.

The story of the BHS Barnaby House, a video created by the BHS!

Learn about the Barnaby House and one of its most notable inhabitants, Florence Barnaby. The story of when and how it was moved from its original site to its current location on what’s left of the Town Common is told. The more recent endeavor of building the post and beam BHS Barn addition is also chronicled. Hear directly from Donald J. Barnaby (Florence’s nephew) in his own words what he remembers about his grandparents, his parents, Florence and the home that is now the BHS meeting place.

The new Brookline Town History is complete.

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Nestled Here is not an academic work. Reading it is more like sitting on a bench in front of the village store, chatting with an avuncular old-timer, and watching the traffic go by.”

– from Dustjacket

Nestled Here Companion Index is $10.

“Do you want to look up a family member, an ancestor, a friend, or even yourself in the pages of Nestled Here? Would you like to find every reference to a favorite place of yours, such as the Old Railroad Snack Bar, the Brookline Speedway, Daniels Academy Building, or a wildlife sanctuary? This comprehensive index of proper names and places is an indispensable companion to the town history.”

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About Us

A group of Brookliners interested in town history formed the Brookline Historical Society in 1980.  A formal constitution and bylaws were established in 1981, and Articles of Agreements were filed with the state in 1982.  The “Incorporators” in that document were Marcia Swift, Ann Webb, Sharon Lincoln, Marcia Farwell, Jack…

The Barn Project

The indefatigable Clarence Farwell first formally raised the issue of building an addition off of the back of the Barnaby House in 2005.  It was an idea which he, along with countless volunteer hours and generous donations from scores of people, would make a reality six years later.  In 2010…

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Ice trade

In 2008, member Joe King informed the BHS of his underwater archeology work at the bottom of Lake Potanipo.  Mr. King recovered scores of ice harvesting equipment.  He would cut…