Preserving Brookline's past!

Preserving Brookline's History!
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Nestled Here – A History of Brookline NH The new Brookline town history will be available in mid-2019. Order your copy now and take advantage of a special pre publication…


The Brookline NH Historical Society holds meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7PM! (Except no meetings in July or August) For exact dates please refer to calendar! Public is welcome!

About Us

A group of Brookliners interested in town history formed the Brookline Historical Society in 1980.  A formal constitution and bylaws were established in 1981, and Articles of Agreements were filed with the state in 1982.  The “Incorporators” in that document were Marcia Swift, Ann Webb, Sharon Lincoln, Marcia Farwell, Jack Andel.  The organization’s objective was “conservation of the history and historic sites and objects of the town of Brookline, New Hampshire.” During the first decade, the major activities of the BHS consisted of history-oriented public events such a presentations, exhibits, house tours and a yearly Fall Festival on the lawn…

Brookline is turning 250 years old!

Support us by sponsoring a personalized brick in our new walkway!

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Eliza Daniels Memorial Building – Daniels Academy Building – Town Hall Residences Post Office, Stores, Old R.R. Station, Hotel Beatrice, Corey Trading Post, Skala Grammar School Churches Flood and Fire…

Ice trade

In 2008, member Joe King informed the BHS of his underwater archeology work at the bottom of Lake Potanipo.  Mr. King recovered scores of ice harvesting equipment.  He would cut…